Every girl dreams of having a walking closet full of dazzling clothes, classy handbags, gorgeous footwear and matching accessories. In short, creating a dream wardrobe is what every girl strives for. Well, if you are one of those dreamy girls who want to create a wardrobe that aims for nothing less than perfection, then you are at the right place. Forget all those morning-mares that you face while finding something to wear. Say hi to a whole new wardrobe with this brief yet effective guide.

We believe that the secret behind a perfect wardrobe is thoughtful planning and the desire to experiment. This guide is about those few rules and tips that would help you in buying the right items while refraining yourself from buying useless or similar entities. Let us get started!

1. Identify Your Individual Style

There are times when willingly or unwillingly, one sticks to a definite style. Well, it is time to identify your style and opt for variations. Considering the fact that everyone has that desire to try out what others are carrying, it would not actually be that difficult to try out something new. The foremost step in this case would be going through the current wardrobe and keeping a note of the stock that you have.

2. Do Not Shy Away From Taking Risks

Admit it or not, but there are some gorgeous yet daring items in your closet that you have never graced so far because you are scared of taking risks. Well, it is time to take them out and set out for taking some risks. Come on girl! How would you love them if you do not try them even once? This one experiment can bring amazing change in your style quotient.

3. Take Inspiration & Bring a Change

When you step your feet out for shopping, keep your eyes wide open. Make sure you grab sufficient ideas about what is in vogue. As per the same, you can moderate some of your existing pieces. You can pair up items to create something that gives a feel of new and at the same time is trendy. This will help you invest in others things that you do not have while creating something remarkable out of existing wardrobe.

4. Your Best Friend for the Day – Accessories

Who says that it is only the clothes and footwear that together make a perfect wardrobe. You have to be equally thoughtful when it comes to investing in accessories. The best part about them is that they can add an extra oomph factor to the apparels without many efforts. You can experiment with your look and make it seem interesting, when you choose the right items. A day to day example would be that of a classic tee and jeans. Adding a funky necklace or some delicate statement jewelry to the ensemble can bring a twist.

No more blunders! All that you can come across is a versatile closet with clothes for all moods and occasions. Have a look at this funny commercial from JustFab and witness fashion reaching new heights.