The most important resource in your organisation is your staff. The people in your company have at their disposal the power to decide the future of your business. Perhaps when you walk through your office it concerns you to see well-paid staff idly chatting, laughing, looking at their mobile phones. Perhaps you feel uncomfortable every time you see that the people who your business relies on are not at their desks, but wasting time in the kitchen or going on yet another cigarette break. It makes you feel anxious that you pay your staff by the hour, yet every hour you pass by, there is little or no evidence that they appreciate this fact. Perhaps. But perhaps you’re need to change your perspective.

It’s easy to judge people by how you see them rather than by what they produce. But while this is among the most common errors that bosses make, to formulate opinion based on input instead of on output, it doesn’t mean that your observations are without value. Just about every business out there could be doing something to improve how they utilise their most valuable resource – do it effectively, and you could revolutionise your company.

Here are 3 ways you can make more of your staff’s paid hours, positively affect output, and help create a happier more motivated team at the same time:

  • Implement innovative software and online solutions to improve collaboration and minimise the paper trail. Online accounting and expenses management software like ExpenseIn will streamline process, reduce time spent on spreadsheets and bring an end to the duplication of daily office tasks.
  • Using cloud technology to help setup, implement and maintain effective remote teams will save real estate costs and overheads, improve worker-management relations, and motivate a greater sense of company loyalty as well as lessen staff turnover.
  • Delegate more often and empower individuals and their teams by giving them greater responsibility. If you have done your job well at the hiring stage, there is no reason why your staff can’t take on bigger challenges and prove the true value of teamwork in small, effective problem-solving units.

With smart innovations, online solutions, expense management software and project management tools, you can help forge stronger teams and a happier, more driven company culture.