There are many things which a homeowner does to enhance the looks of the house, and one such thing is building a fish pond beside the garden or outside the yard. A fish does not require acres of space but can be built in reasonable space if the homeowner likes to keep fishes in a pond rather than an aquarium. The minimum depth required to build a fish pond is 80 cm, and the homeowners should know what type of fish he likes to see in the pond.

The building of the fish pond is relatively easy, but the maintenance is the tough part as the fishes multiple in size, and there is a major concern of algae growth to deal with. A person can only put a net and remove the algae and fallen leaves from the surface of the water, but proper maintenance is done by pond specialist who has the tools and equipment to perform the necessary cleanup and restoration. The expert services of the pond maintenance contractors should be employed for the health of the fishes and plants present in the pond. The first thing that the pond maintenance specialist will do is see the current condition of the water in the pond, the plants, fishes, flow and drainage of water, and the extent of algae growth. Every pond requires a robust and high-quality filter system which can efficiently and effectively clean the water and remove any contamination. The skimmer is used to collect the fallen leaves and debris from the surface of the water. A bio-media is used to collect the debris which is settled in the bottom of the pond. The filters installed in the pond can get dirt itself and require weekly cleaning so that the filtration system does not malfunction or breakdown.

The pond maintenance does not remain the same and differs according to time and season. In spring and summers, more upkeep and maintenance is needed as compared to autumn and winter. The spring and summers are the time when new plants grow and bloom and provide food to the fishes. The fallen leaves and debris should be removed in the winters before they settle at the bottom of the pond for the whole winter season. The pond maintenance specialist will put pond treatments and prevent the pond from freezing in the winters. The services provided by pond maintenance companies are

  • Remove all the fish and place them in another pond or aquarium for the time being
  • Remove the sludge from the bottom of the pond by cleaning or vacuuming
  • Repot the plants
  • Clean the filters
  • Replace the water and fill the water with fresh water
  • The plants are trimmed in the summer season
  • Pump and filter installation and use of an ultraviolet clarifier
  • Remove the silt and sediments accumulated at the bottom of the pond
  • Use of pond treatments to control algae growth which is both natural and man-made. The natural treatments include barley and bacteria products while the man-made solutions are chemical algaecides which quickly remove the algae and restore the clarity of the water in the pond which allows the plants to grow and fishes to easily feed on them.