Traditional packing mishaps range from minor problems, such as heading to the Caribbean without your favourite bikini, to downright catastrophic, like finding you have left the country without your purse or medication. However, most are avoidable.

There are lots of ‘little things’ that you always wish you had packed, but always seem to forget until you are already half way there. From items that can make your voyage more comfortable to accessories that will just make travelling a lot less stressful, like ear phones! So, what should you pack? Here are some indispensible items that I suggest you start packing now!

1. A Travel Pillow & Blanket

Whether you are travelling first class or economy, for 16 hours or 2, by plane, train or automobile; its always a good idea to get some rest during your travels so you can feel energised when you arrive at your destination. A comfortable pillow and warm blanket will help you on your way to land of nod, and in particular blow-up travel accessories can make packing and storing these items even more straightforward too!

2. Discrete Money Belts

Everyone will be carrying money on their travels whether it’s a form of hard cash or credit cards. However, be careful you don’t become a prime suspect for thieves – don’t make it obvious! Don’t swing your purse around or even go leaving your backpack unlocked whilst wandering aimlessly around the airport! Keep your money safe and hidden in a discreet pack or money belt, you can easily strap it to your stomach under all of your clothes protecting your most prised possessions during your journey.

3. Diary/Personal Organiser 

Before you go on your big adventure plan your trip and keep a note of it in a planner or diary. If you are travelling with a large group or family, creating a colour coded trip agenda may be useful in making sure you go to all the desired places etc. This will help to make travelling the least stressful part of your journey.

4. Plastic Wallet

This could be a handy tip especially if there is a large group of you or if you are travelling as a family. As you are not only responsible for your own personal belongings but others important information; why not consider buying a small plastic wallet that you can carry with you at all times that has every in it. Be sure to not lose it though!

4. Plug Adapters 

Something that is so often forgotten about but is necessary if you want to plug in any equipment to use aboard, i.e. phone, laptop and digital camera. Make sure you get the correct adapter for the individual country, even when you are in Europe a European plug may not be the right one as they many have different types of  plug sockets – especially if it is a less economically develop country.

5. Luggage Locks & Luggage Straps

No need to go mad, a small but identifiable luggage lock is always a good idea. Not only will it assure you that your bag can’t be easily opened by others but it will also put off potential thieves.

How many times have you been stuck at the luggage carousel and how many times have you seen a black suitcase, hundreds? Yes, well a handy trick is to buy  an unusual, brightly coloured luggage strap that will make your luggage stand out from the crowd, so you can easily find it and make a quick and smooth exit.

These tips aren’t designed to help you pack your bag, but they are meant to help you remember those little items that make travelling that little bit less stressful. So don’t forget to book your airport transfers to and from Cambridge (or your local city!) and print your tickets…Happy travelling!