The virtual office has revolutionised modern business. More than moving on-site tasks to virtual space, the virtual office has made it possible for professionals to meet without actually meeting in physical space. In terms of just sheer productivity, the virtual office and its flexibility has made it easier for businesses to work online.

The online collaboration has been one of the greatest developments made better through the virtual office. In essence, the virtual office allows professionals to use office space when needed, but it is the world-class IT services that really make remote work possible. Check out Servcorp Indonesia’s virtual offices at to see one version of the office format. Because of these amenities, the virtual office has contributed to making the online collaboration more accessible to businesses.

Continue reading to learn why businesses are finding online collaboration increasingly more attractive.

Online Apps

File sharing applications have made it so much easier for businesses to share information while online. No more running to the copier to scan and send a document to someone working in a different location. All you need do is upload the document to any one of the file sharing sites and the person gains access to the document.

In addition to these online applications, professionals can, through different media, communicate with each other while they are working online. Whether they choose to use email or online chat, professionals can hold whole discussions regarding projects without worrying about miscommunication. Many computers come with video-conferencing capabilities as well, so whether they Skype or use some other method of communication, professionals can easily convey ideas to each other.

DocuSign and other similar programs make it possible for businesses to easily obtain signatures. In the past, days would pass before someone could get a signature simply because logistics made it difficult to get documents to the needed person. However, today, all a professional need do is send the document to the appropriate person through any one of these programs to obtain a signature.


The online platform has made accessing information so much easier. Yes, there is a lot of misinformation at the tips of our fingers, but at the same time, professionals can find that much of their workload is reduced just by the diverse ways information can be gathered online. Not only can information be easily accessed, but professionals can access other talent and experts to get the required information.

Online metrics have also made research easy. For collaboration purposes, it has made it more efficient to track and market products to a particular group of individuals. More importantly, these same tools are used to monitor user online behaviour to analyse past choices to predict future success. In terms of research, the online format is attractive to businesses because it has streamlined a lot of the work that goes into studying populations.


The online collaboration has become the direct result of individuals meeting in virtual space and coming together to complete projects. Not only does the online platform provide freelancers and contractors with the opportunity to meet and engage professionally, hiring managers can pretty much cherry pick talented individuals to work with on any number of projects. For businesses, it has changed the way people are hired.

Promoting a Virtual Collaborative Landscape

Businesses and professionals gravitate to the online landscape because, for one, it has made so many business applications more efficient to complete. In virtual space, professionals can easily research information from a million sites and can find information on people they want to work with before even interacting with them. Add in the plethora of online tools that make functioning online more productive, and the remote working platform is a viable alternative to on-site office space.