Getting to grips with Global currency conversion? BCR Global are a city based foreign exchange trading house offering a bespoke service to a wide range of clients from institutional traders to corporate and private clients. We are therefore ideally placed to lead you through this complex market;

Who is BCR Global?

BCR Global is a trading house that specialises in foreign exchange transactions. We offer a high quality, bespoke service package to a range of clients, from private customers through to corporate and institutional traders. Our service can be delivered online for convenience, speed and security, using BCR’s highly secure network and encrypted payment processing software. All clients have their own secure private accounts, from which they can submit instructions automatically via the online service.

Things To Know About BCR Global Currency Conversion

What Services are Available?

The BCR Global conversion is just one service on offer from this reputable foreign exchange trading house. With BCR you can carry out a currency conversion in any one of 140+ currencies on offer. If you are a corporate client then you can also obtain business funding of up to £1 million.

When carrying out FX trades you can benefit from immediate spot prices or take advantage of forward rates giving you flexibility, so that you can book a trade at an agreed rate on one day and then pay for it at a later date. This date can be up to two years ahead. Window forwards are also on offer, so you have flexibility to use a desired currency within a fixed time period – perfect for when you have no fixed date in mind. BCR also provides market offers for customers with desired rates, so that the order can be set up to occur as soon as that rate is available within the market place.

Benefits of the Service

There are many benefits to BCR’s range of services. Payments are integrated with SWIFT technology, so they are processed extremely quickly. The digital technology employed means that prices and processes are delivered in double quick time for maximum accuracy and security. BCR has invested in cutting edge technology so that traders can enjoy full control via the online platform. An added advantage for our corporate clients is our tailored service which provides a personal touch provided via an assigned personal trader.

How does it Work?

There are four simple steps to carrying out a BCR Global based currency conversion within the service offer required. Once a registered client, you book your trade by informing BCR Global which currency you need via our website or over the phone, at the same time you will book the sum needed and the time / date you need it by. This information automatically triggers the rate confirmation that is available to you. Once registered and the rate /amount booked then the funds can be transferred into our segregated client account which is highly secure and privately ring-fenced for your total security. From there you can instruct your payment from our system, confirming where it is that you want your currency to be sent so that our team can ensure the payment is transacted quickly and securely. Your funds are then credited to your nominated account, whether that is your own bank account, a supplier account or a subsidiary.