The business people importing goods from China must carry third-party audits with their supplier. They must conduct audits in various fields in their factory. A manufacturer will have more than one unit and in different places. It is advisable to do factory audits on all locations. This can make sure your manufacturer is up to mark and follow the compliance. This will improve the quality, and you can make profits without making any wastage. There are many third-party audits firms in China. They do the below-mentioned audit services. They are affordable and very cheap to book for a long-term contract.

Factory Ownership Audit in China

The first and foremost thing in an audit is to check the creditworthiness of your manufacturer. A third-party auditor can inspect and verify their ownership records. They will check company registration, license, and their expiry dates. They see the business owner follow the industrial compliance of China. They check for proper accreditations, and certificates are there with them. This is to meet the business standards for exporting their products. Checking your supplier’s business license is necessary to carry business with China. This will make sure for doing short-term or long-term business in China.

Manufacturing Process Audit

An audit report on production process will enable you to check their machinery and staffs are working properly. This will make sure there are no error or defective products manufactured on the site. There are many types of manufacturing factories in China. You can prepare an audit checklist on production process according to the industry type. Then only the third-party team can give you the audit report on the production process. Their report is trustable as they report what they see and find only. They are not partial to any side.

Quality Audit for Manufacturing

The quality control (QC) is what every importer must check with their supplier. You have to prepare an audit checklist on QC. Your audit team will conduct quality checks accordingly. They will provide you with a quality control report for manufacturing. You can read and analyze they are following the compliance or not. QC is to be checked with all aspects of a factory. However, if you have a full budget, you can go for a full factory audit and conduct QC checks thoroughly. If your budget does not permit to do full factory audits, you can go for a basic factory audit.

You can search the web for the top 10 third-party audit companies in China. You can review online and select the rated and trusted audit company. They are affordable and have various schemes. Their audit packages are cheaper to avail than hiring them for a particular audit work in a factory. You can book them online too. You can find a local audit company with Chinese speaking people only. There are private audit firms, who do appoint English-speaking auditors. There are also multinational audit firms, who might have a branch in your country. You can select the best out of them and do auditing of your supplier in China.