A lot of entrepreneurs and business owners think that they have their IT under control – until they encounter a problem with it. If any of the below scenarios are plaguing you on a regular basis, then it may be time to call an IT support company.

Times You Need Business IT Support

You Suffer Downtime during Working Hours

In order for your business to operate, your IT system should:

  1. Work as it is
  2. Work when you want it to

If at any point during the work day you or another employee of your company finds that they are struggling to use the computer, battling to access the network, or frustrated using company software, then there is a problem.

Business owners may believe that hiring a business IT support company will cost them too much, but think about how much it costs the company to not be able to function properly. An employee who cannot perform tasks is being paid for not performing to his or her best ability. A website which is suffering downtime is one that is not bringing in revenue. The cost of hiring IT support is almost always less than the cost of you not being fully operational.

Your Computer Is Lagging

Have you ever headed to the break room, gotten yourself a cup of coffee and returned to your desk only to find that your computer is still booting up? While it is normal for your computer to take at least a few seconds to get going, it should not take several minutes at a time. If you are experiencing significant lag or slowness during either the bootup or while using your computer, it is time to call the experts to take a look at your computer and your networks.

Your Network Stinks at Communicating

A well-oiled network is one which communicates efficiently and effectively so that everyone can do everything they need to do. Your network should communicate with ease, your computers should connect to printers without issue, and the system in general should flow easily and seamlessly.

You Want to Expand Your Capabilities

In order to run a business effectively, you need to be able to do what you want to do when it needs to be done. Below are all situations when you should call in an IT support company:

  • You (or your employees) want to work remotely
  • You are not receiving business emails to your mobile
  • You have a serious problem and do not know how to switch over to a Disaster Recovery site

You Have an Archaic IT Structure

If your IT set up is the same as it was three years ago, then it certainly is time for an upgrade. Significant advances are made in the information technology sector each and every year. For every year you are not upgrading your IT infrastructure, you are missing out on having a faster, more efficient, and overall smarter system working for your business.