Birthdays are considered very special and obviously the margin for error while choosing the right gift should bezilch. Birthdays are an important occasion in everyone’s life, so it is important to be careful while giving gifts. It can be very challenging to find the perfect birthday giftfor your dear ones. Whether it is your best friend or boss, a gift is not simply something wrapped in a boxusing glossy paper or an ordinary birthday cake.So, to make things easier, there are some tips for youtoconsider while finding the perfect birthday gifts for those who are very dear to you.

Fix a budget

Cost-effectiveness is of huge significance when it comes to selecting the birthday gift. So, arrive at a decision on the budget aspect after due diligencetoaid you in selecting from a maze of options. The best thing about having a budget in mind is that it gives you a rough idea as to what all you can buy with the fixed amount.

Keep the age in mind

Your best friend might no longer in his or her teens. He is married and has settled down in life. So,in such a scenario what would you be doing?Remember, a mere birthday cake won’t suffice. Having said that,buying something that might have been his favorite during his teens is a very bad idea. Age plays ahuge partwhile selecting a birthday gift for anyone. So, it is advisable to keep the person’s age in mind whileshopping for birthday gifts.

Be a little inventive

 A good birthday gift is something that should bring smile on the face of a recipient. Customizingcan be very handy in such circumstances,especially when you are in a dilemma over choice of gifts. Also, if the person happens to bevery intimate, gift something that showcases the bondbetween you and him. A handmade greeting card or a hand-painted jewellery box can be a very good option.

Consider their interests

 The best approach,when it comes to a birthday gift,is to consider the likes and dislikes of the person. You should not purchasean iPod for a friend who does not like listening to music.Majority of the people have the tendency topick a gift that might be off their interest but of little or no interest to the recipients. So, figure out the perfect gift from their likes and dislikes.

Be wise

In a bid to get the perfect birthday gift, you end up with something mundane or insignificant. The one approach to tackle this situation is to justtalkto the person to figure out what he/she exactly needs. Something that is useful is always better appreciated.

Think out of the box

 A perfect birthday gift has to be something that should capture the imagination of the recipient. So, photo frames, crockery and fashion accessories can at best be avoided.Think out of the box to get something that will make the person keep your gift forever. It is advisableto stay clear of the stuffs of daily use.

So, choosing a birthday gift is not something very easy. It is an exercise that requires prudence and intelligence in equal measure. So, select the gift carefully and avoid routine stuffs such as birthday cake or lamp shades etc.