If you start writing a blog, you will probably begin to think how to make it more popular at some point. Once you start writing, you will want more and more people to read your blog. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the techniques that can give you the desired results of reaching a bigger audience.

Some people are aware of SEO but they still haven’t got a clear plan how to increase the traffic of their blog and be better positioned in the search engine listings.

SEO is not a complicated idea at all. Basically, it means to pay attention to the content and the keywords one uses in their blog postings in order to facilitate the search engine crawlers.

Tips For Writing SEO-friendly Blog Posts

Blogging with SEO in mind involves several main points – defining the most appropriate title, choosing the best keywords and links for additional details.

How to choose the title?

We will give you a several tips for writing SEO friendly blog posts.

You should start with the title. It has to be smart, to give sufficient information, to be catchy and to contain the main keywords. Choosing titles might be difficult in the beginning, but this will get easier with time.

When you define the title, you should keep in mind the main topic of your blog post. After that, you should select the appropriate keywords about this topic.

How to choose the Keywords?

Keywords are essential for a good and stable SEO. This is a universal truth. Keywords have to be chosen and put carefully and not to be sporadic. Think about the blog topic and that will give you a hint about the keywords. There are numerous websites that offer services like analyzing of keywords. They can show you if a certain keyword is often used or not and whether there is a lot of research about that topic on the Internet.

It will be best if you can come up with not so popular keywords, which are at the same time crucial for the topic. That way, there will be less website competition online about this information. This will give importance to your blog posts.

When you are ready with the keywords, it’s time to put them in the text. Try to have as many of them as you can – that will give your SEO a good start.

Other tips for SEO friendly blog posts include the choice of subheadings.

When you introduce a new topic in your blog posts, put also a subheading to direct readers and to improve your SEO.

The subheadings should have some of the keywords for the topic of the text that will follow. Try to create short and smart subheadings.

The importance of unique topics

What you are writing about will be also crucial for your SEO plan. Be creative and find topics that are not well exploited. If you discuss the hot topics of the day, you will be probably one of the million others that are also doing that and you will never get to the top of the search engine listings.

Choose topics that are familiar to you. Be focused and follow your main theme.

Putting internal links

Placing links to content on other sites will improve the quality of your blog posts and your articles will be better indexed. Choose carefully where and how to put links in your blog and your content will enjoy a better placing in the search engine rankings.

On a final note, we can say that you shouldn’t forget also to write often and maintain the quality of your blog posts. You might find writing SEO-oriented strange or hard in the beginning, but you most probably will get used to it quickly and adapt your work to that style of writing. Be patient and work hard to understand the SEO logic and your efforts will be rewarded.