You’ve met the woman of your dreams, asked the fathers permission and are now looking for the perfect ring to make the proposal the most special day she has ever had. Choosing an engagement ring used to be easier as there were only white or yellow gold rings with either princess or emerald-cut diamonds. Now, there is much more to take into consideration. It is a symbol of your love for your future wife, and it shows commitment to take the relationship to the next step. It is also important to make the ring beautiful as it will be getting shown off to her family and friends.

When going to buy an engagement ring, it is probably going to be the first time going to a jewellery store properly. It is common to feel confused with the number of questions, terms and concepts which will be expected of you. In this article, we will go through how to pick the perfect engagement ring for your perfect woman. Prepare to pop the bubbly and enjoy!


Don’t Follow The Trends

If you are looking at purchasing an engagement ring, you should know that trends aren’t something to follow. They should be timeless and a classic symbol of everlasting love. It’s best to look for the stone which suits your future fiance perfectly. A good hint when looking for a ring is to look at the jewellery she is wearing to see what suits her. Does she wear gold or platinum? Does she wear statement pieces or minimalist pieces, it’s key to take note so you will be sure they will want to wear the chosen ring for the rest of her life.


A Stone Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect On Paper

Diamonds are graded from D to Z by the GIA which is the Gemological Institute Of America. Jewellers often mention the four C’s when grading diamonds which are colour, cut, clarity and carat that should be taken into consideration when buying a ring. It doesn’t have to be the most perfect stone, it is thought that you should buy a diamond on how it makes you feel rather than what it says on paper as you can still make some stunning rings with less perfect stones. 


Size Only Matters If You Or Your Future Fiance Think It Matters

It should only be “go big or go home” if your future fiance prefers more of a statement piece. If this is the case, then it’s best to weigh the options, put more of an emphasis on size and less on clarity or colour.

Many industry leaders in jewellery have noticed that more women are feeling less pressure to have flashy rings. They are now looking at rings that are more of an extension of their style and personality. It’s best to know what your future fiance would prefer over following the highstreet trends as it is a modern feministic approach to a classic engagement ring. Consider investing time into the proposal rather than money, as for many people, having a romantic proposal means more than a big, flashy ring.


Know Where The Stone Came From

I know we said don’t follow the trends, but there is one trend which you can follow, and that is sustainability. More people are becoming much more sustainable these days and are much more conscious on where things come from, what it is made from and whether it was ethically sourced. People are now wanting more ethically sourced diamonds so it may be worth looking at lab-grown diamonds. Others are moving away from brand new and are looking at more vintage engagement rings which are becoming much more popular now. This all depends on your future fiance though, if they prefer shiny and new, then maybe look at lab-grown diamonds.


Don’t Brush Over The Setting

Once you have chosen the perfect stone, then it’s time to decide what it should sit in. The setting is just as important as the stone, well, not as important as the stone but it isn’t something that you should just decide on a whim. Think of the stone as a piece of art and the setting is the frame. The ring must reflect your future fiance so there is no point looking for a bold pattern when they prefer something a little more minimalistic. If you are unsure, find some professionals and they can walk you through the process.


Don’t Be Afraid To Think Outside The Box

If you are a millennial, then you will know that when you buy something, you want it to feel special and for you to feel that vibe. It is becoming increasingly popular for women to steer away from diamonds and traditional settings altogether and go for something a little more unique and personal. More women are now looking at more fashion statements whilst also being minimal and timeless so it won’t look dated.


Consider Working With A Jeweler To Help

More people are now wanting a more custom feel rather than just picking something from the shops. With a growing trend of people wanting a style in between vintage and modern, many are turning to more art deco style engagement rings. The size of the diamond is not the main thing to take into consideration anymore, as its quality over quantity with a unique shape. If you aren’t wanting to go for the standard diamond, it doesn’t have to be, there are more engagement rings now made from many different stones and it’s becoming increasingly popular. There are many different jewellers with their own style so it could be beneficial to have a look at a range of jewellers before choosing one to create something for you.

Don’t Shop Alone

When looking for engagement rings, it would be best to have a helping hand from friends or family. You could even bring her friend to come and help as they may have that eye for a good design and the person you are going to ask has already probably spoken to her friends on what style she wants. It could even be worth having a word with people already married so they can give you recommendations on jewellers. 


Don’t Commit To One Ring

If you are unsure whether your future fiance will like the ring that you have chosen, it is wise not to settle on one ring with a binding agreement as you will not be able to change it once it is bought. This is best because if she doesn’t like the ring, then you can at least get it changed for something she does like. Remember, this is the woman you will be spending the rest of your life with so you want her to be happy with the ring you have chosen.


It’s Not All About The Price Tag

During the depression, it was said that a month’s salary should be the amount that should be spent on an engagement ring from a campaign for De Beers. By the 80’s it jumped to two months and now it has risen to three months to buy that piece of forever jewellery. At the end of the day, it’s just a marketing technique, who’s to tell anyone how much they should spend on a ring. It should be a personal preference and should be something you can afford. Many women these days aren’t bothered about the size of the diamond or how expensive it is but they are more interested in how it looks on them and how you have chosen it yourself.