Allen Bradley PLC batteries are extremely popular in market. The lithium battery featured in Allen Bradley Programmable Logic Controllers or PLC provides power backup to processor’s memory. In case there’s a power outage for less than half hour, the processor’s memory uses PLC battery for power backup to retain information.

It is worth mentioning that lithium battery can easily last between three to five years. However, its durability depends on the amount of battery and kind of processor you use. There is a red colored ‘battery low’ indicator located at the front end of the processor. It indicates when the battery voltage goes low and it needs to be replaced.

Many people do not know how to replace an Allen-Bradley PLC battery. However, there is nothing to worry about. After you purchasing battery from a reputed company, like PLC Hardware, you can use following steps to change PLC battery.

Changing Allen Bradley PLC Battery

The first step is to check the location of your battery. If battery is located at the front end of your processor module, then you can leave your PLC system plugged in. If you cannot locate PLC battery without removing chassis’ module, then you should unplug the PLC system. The next step is to press the retainer clips that are at the bottom and top of your processor module, and slowly slide it out. However, you do not need this step if the PLC battery is located at the front end of your processor module.

It is important to inspect for any kind of damage your battery is casing. You should also inspect any leakage of electrolytes. According to the company’s guidelines regarding lithium batteries, if your old battery is leaking or damaged, you should put damaged battery in two different polythene bags. You should add calcium carbonate in inner bag and seal both bags. For disposal, you should contact a professional battery disposal company.

It is necessary to unplug the battery connector and carefully remove the PLC battery from its retaining clips. It’s important to inspect your replacement battery to make sure it’s identical to the old battery. You should write the date on the PLC battery with a marker. In case there’s no space to note down the date, you should use labels provided by the company with the new battery.

Last but not the least, you need to plug in the new battery connector carefully into the socket. You should push the battery slowly into its retaining clips. The next step is to slide your processor module into the chassis. You need to do this until you hear the retainer clips click. In the end, you need to restore power to the Allen Bradley PLC battery. You need to make sure the ‘battery low’ indicator at the front end of the processor is switched off.

General Tips

As mentioned earlier, it’s important to dispose of your old battery carefully. Many Allen-Bradley PLC batteries contain something that indicates that the battery voltage is low. This information can be used to alert professionals about maintenance and replacement. While purchasing a PLC battery, it’s important to choose reputed company in the market. PLC Hardware will be your best choice. The company sells high quality batteries at affordable prices.