If you are interested in designing a new mobile phone blog or giving your existing website a makeover, then you have landed on the right platform. The design of your mobile phone blog needs to come across as authentic and engaging. In most cases, the audience leaves the website if they find the layout of the blogs confusing and even unattractive. 

Making the Design of a Mobile Phone Blog Engaging

The most important pages of a mobile phone blog that need greater attention and time are:

  1. Home Page
  2. Product Page
  3. Catalog Page

Each page is discussed in detail along with things to put in above and below the fold of a page, organizing the information, and how the pages can give an appealing look to a viewer.

  • Home Page

Designing a home page is important as that is the first page where your audience will land. The engaging home page will have more chances for your audience to stay and additionally explore more pages. The brand identity should be clearly visible on your website from the tone of writing, style of writing, content mentioned, and photos displayed. Colors can say a lot about your website. Choose consistent colors across all pages of your mobile phone blog. Knowing a color scheme is especially useful when your design your action buttons, headings, labels, etc. The home page must also include above the fold. Things that are necessary to include in above the fold of a page are:

  • Home
  • About
  • Products
  • Blogs
  • Content

This helps the audience to land on their page of interest directly.

  • Product Page

The product page includes a product image along with the specifications of that product. For a mobile phone blog, a high-quality image of a mobile phone should be displayed above the fold. This helps the audience a lot as their decision of purchasing a product is mostly dependant on its image. Showing off the product from all angles helps in easy persuading. Show clear pricing that must sit above the fold. Customers don’t like to hunt for prices. Some tips for clear pricing include:

  • Using a large font size 
  • Bold the price
  • Using a contrasting color
  • Highlighting any discounts

Another important aspect to mention on the product page is a persuasive Call-To-Action (CTA) button or link. It is a critical thing for a customer’s journey from exploring to buying a product. With CTA, they can easily add a product to the basket. Social proof and product recommendations also add credibility to your website.

The last thing to mention on a product page is informative product descriptions. It helps the customer to understand what the product is and why they should consider buying it. It resides above and below the fold of a page. Below the fold of a product page must include specifications in an enticing way. You can use bullets and headings and cover all features of a product. PricesPakistan accurately pictures all these essentials on its product page.

  • Catalog Page

The catalog page lists all essential product details that help customers make a decision. The catalog page of a mobile phone blog must clearly mention all the mobile phones that you are targeting, displaying their images, mentioning their clear names as well as pricing. This page has to be organized and timely updated. When designing your own mobile phone blog take help from PricesPakistan.

Concluding Remarks

With just a few important pointers mentioned in this article, one can easily build an engaging design of a mobile phone blog. These pointers promise a smooth flow of information across your website.