This is the frequently asked question that is there are websites to pay money for your videos. Everyone commonly knows that only YouTube is the only platform that pays you money. You know there are top 10 platforms to get paid with your videos. So here are the platforms you get paid with your videos.


Nobody can grab the position of the YouTube in getting paid for your videos and this is the only website platform with millions of upload per day. Also YouTube is the highest paying Platform for videos among all websites.

Daily Motion

Daily Motion can be considered as 2nd biggest website after YouTube. Daily Motion has 25,000,000 unique visitors every month. In Daily Motion you can earn money with uploading videos and sharing them.


There is no waste of time with metacafe, you can start earning from the first video of upload in Metacafe. It will pay you money with come reasonable money.


Vimeo is also the best platform to earn money by uploading your videos. There are constant visitors about 15,000,000 every month. It Is the simple process to get earned money by sharing your videos and upload new ones.

This might be the new name to hear! And yes, this video platform is only available in a few selected countries. And this Platform has unique visitors of 50,000,000 every month. There are some different ways to earn with this platform.

This is source to find many online businesses all over with different concepts, this Platform has actual of 35,000,000 visitors every month. So you know that share it 50% of money with regular users and it is the genuine platform to earn money with your videos.


I think it is now reaching into people with some attractive features in it’s and has regular visits of 700,000-800,000 every day. Also, there are some different conditions to earn money with it but it’s easy.

This is also one of the Old video platforms, slowly attracting the visitors and with some attractive prizes and cash money. Also, this is the best platform to earn money by uploading your videos.

This is the same account similar to YouTube, where you can earn money using Google Adsense, you can create videos and upload them to it and earn money.

Maybe this site doesn’t sound similar at all before website, but you can earn money creating Video game, like small Java games which are created by you.