Planning a Zurich tour? You can experience the best of Zurich’s architecture in its various historic centers. A tour to enjoy Zurich’s finest architecture ideally revolve around its major architectural landmarks: Prime Tower, Bibliothek Rechtswissenschaftliches Institute, St. Peterskirche, Amtshaus and Church of our Lady. They are spectacular sites within easy reach for all architectural lovers.

Prime Tower

Prime Tower in Zürich #1

Prime Tower is a skyscraper standing at a height of 126 meters. The building is near Hardbrucke railway station replacing a demolished industrial facility. The building has two companion buildings, Diagonal and Cubus. Prime Tower hosts a restaurant on its top floor, hotels on its ground floor, a conference center and two international art galleries on the second to the fourth floor.

Prime Tower offers one of the best aerial views over Zurich. It is from here that one gets a chance to see what makes Switzerland a beautiful country. Some of the breathtaking scenes visible from the tower are; Lake Zurich, the main train station, Swiss Alps, Frau Gerolds and so much more. The prime point of view is the southern view from the bistro. Always remember to have a look from the bar and smoker’s lounge.

St. Peterskirche

Fraumünster, St Peterskirche and Limmat River in Zurich Switzerland at Night

It is one of the oldest churches in Zurich, which is best known for its clock face. The clock is so big you can see it from anywhere in the city. Besides being the largest clock face in Europe, the clock also represents Zurich official local time. Past this adorable clock, you are greeted by an amazing church. The church has wooden balconies, which are supported by red columns from above and below. At the front center is the main pulpit while beautifully decorated stucco works are seen throughout the ceiling.

Visit for the public to this church, which is located on the Lindenhof hill, is free. The church is somehow hidden from the main drag since it’s surrounded by many commercial buildings. You can always see the clock tower but finding a quick way to the church can be confusing. The easiest way to get to the church is through Weinpl from where you turn right to Strehlgasse and then left to Weggengasse.


Amtshaus im Klosterpark Weende

Amstshaus is a complex of structures of different styles. It was the third large scale restructuring of the 100-year-old history of the city. It faces the Uraniastrasse Street and there is a bridge over the street. The building has beautiful details including sculptures, vaulted ceilings, columns in various dimensions and incredible steps. Although there are offices in the building, the interior of the building is magnificent.

Church of Our Lady

Church of our lady

The Church of Our Lady also known as Fraumunster is built on the remains of an abbey for aristocratic women. It is a beautiful church in the heart of Zurich town. The large church and its twin across the river dominate the landscape. What most people talk about when the church is mentioned are the Chaggal windows, which are painted in the most brilliant of colors.

There is so much more to look at in the church apart from the windows. The church has a crypt museum, other stained glass windows and more. On a sunny day, watching the light streaming through the windows is a sight to behold. There is a small entry fee, which is worth every penny.

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