Meta-description: The HP Spectre x360, Google Pixelbook Go, Microsoft Surface Pro 7, and Dell Inspiron 14 are some of the best touchscreen laptops in 2021.

Today’s world is quite fast-paced and everybody wants to access everything with a single touch. After smartphones and tablets, even laptops are coming with touchscreens. This feature helps users to navigate with ease and comfort. With a single touch, they can easily launch their favorite applications, games, and movies. Other gestures further allow these laptops to provide better usability features compared to laptops without touch screens.

 Continue reading below to find out about the best touchscreen laptops right now.

Top 5 Touchscreen Laptops You May Want to Consider In 2021

HP Spectre x360

This laptop comes with a sleek design and a bright HD display. These laptops come with many security features that include facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, and a privacy screen. The upgrade to OLED is also underway. The HP Spectre x460 comes with the 11th generation Intel core processor. This means that you can experience lightning-fast processing speeds. The base model also comes with 8GB of RAM and an SSD storage of 256 GB. This allows users to have more at an economical price. This device also comes with fast charging and USB 3.1. Furthermore, the device has a bezel-less screen and a keyboard available in many colors. HP’s customer service is quite efficient and responds to the call immediately just like when you call on the Optimum customer service number.

Top 5 Touchscreen Laptops You May Want to Consider In 2021

Google Pixelbook Go

Google products are always reliable and the same is the case with the Google Pixelbook Go. This device not only functions as a laptop but also as a Chromebook. Its 13.3-inch touchscreen display can stream movies in 4K HD resolutions as well. You can use the version of Chromebook that comes with a core i7 processor to enjoy faster processing speeds. The RAM ranges from 8 GB to 15 GB in different models in this series. The internal storage is 64 GB in the basic model. However, in the most advanced model, it is 256 GB. This device is a long-lasting device due to its good battery timing of 12 hours.

Top 5 Touchscreen Laptops You May Want to Consider In 2021

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Microsoft Surface Pro has enjoyed great success due to its many outstanding features. This device has a 12.3 inches touchscreen that boasts an ultra-high-definition display. The core i7 chipset allows users to perform heavy tasks as well. The RAM is up to 16 GB. This further enables the device to provide a better user experience to users. The USB C-port is also present on the device. The device also has a headphone jack so you can listen to your favorite music with ease.

Top 5 Touchscreen Laptops You May Want to Consider In 2021

Dell Inspiron 14 5000

Dell is known for providing reliable and affordable computers. The Dell Inspiron 14 series is an economical offering for laptop enthusiasts. Users can get access to many good features without spending a lot of money. In this series, users can get a core i7 processor with 4 GB of RAM. The internal storage space is 128 GB. The laptop is also ready for Wi-Fi 6. This means that the communication capabilities of this laptop are extremely fast and support fast connections. The USB C-port is also present on the device apart from an HDMI port.

Microsoft Surface Go 2

Microsoft Surface Go 2 allows users to enjoy a 10.5 inches touchscreen that has HD resolution. It does not weigh heavily on the battery life either. It is a very light machine and you can choose from a wide range of processing speeds. This means that you can watch a large number of TV shows, sports content, and new programs without any glitches. Various models are available in the 8 GB RAM variant. Other models have SSDs of around 128 GBs. The laptop comes with a USB Type-C connection. Therefore, the communication capabilities of the laptop are quite good. Apart from this, the laptop’s touchscreen is highly responsive and touch-sensitive. Even for artists, it is important to read the tutorial of the laptop before they start now.

With the help of all of these devices, many tech enthusiasts can gain access to user-friendly laptops. The touchscreens will allow them to navigate easily. Similarly, you will also be able to perform your daily tasks remotely.