Lockdown has finished and more people are heading back to the office. Whilst working from home, people have had their own routine where they are able to make healthy lunches and look after their health. It is only too easy when going back to the office to get back into the old routine of having your lunch out, snacking on the office biscuit selection. This lowers productivity, leaves you sluggish and also out of money at the end of the month. It is always good to keep healthy, no matter where you are or what you are doing so in this article, we will go through some top tips for healthy eating at work. 


Pack Your Lunch

One of the best ways to keep healthy in the office is to plan your meals and make packed lunches. This helps to stop any unwanted snacking and also prevents you from buying anything out. By packing your own lunch, you can decide what goes in there so that you can stay healthy. 


Keep A Bottle Of Water Nearby

Eating is not the only thing that is going to keep you healthy, drinking plenty of water is going to help you throughout the day. It can be easy to drink caffeinated drinks such as coffee or fizzy pop, but these are bad for your teeth and your overall health. Drinking water feeds the brain and your body and helps you feel more alert. 


Keep Away From The Sweet Treats

This is hard, but if you can, keep the sweet treats out of your sight as this is what is going to add up to a lot of calories. Whether this is the chocolate box or the works bakery products, one of these a day soon becomes two and so on. There are many alternatives that you can bring in to keep as a healthy snack.


Schedule Your Lunch

This may sound silly because you may only get a certain time slot for your lunch, but if you find you are missing meals, scheduling this as part of your day is a massive help. This increases the chances of you going for those sweet treats. You should always take your lunch, and you should also be having breakfast, this really is the most important meal of the day for many reasons. 


Smart Snack

Snacking is more likely to happen at work so it is best to have your own healthy alternatives so you don’t feel left out. You could have your draw filled with healthy snacks such as dried fruit, nuts, protein bars, vegetables and hummus. The choice is yours pending on the type of healthy diet that you are trying to follow.


Have A Backup Plan

Packing your lunch should be the first option, but sometimes you just can’t avoid having to go out for lunch. Whether this is at a work event, meeting or you just forgot to make your lunch the night before. If you do face this issue, it is always best to have a backup plan. No, this isn’t your local Mcdonald. Instead, create a list of all the healthy places to eat near you so you are never stuck for choice.