In the age of information and technology, we easily have access to a host of health tips that help us keep fit. However, while most of us our concerned about weight, hair loss and skin ailments, we often forget looking after our teeth which more often than not lie neglected. Not only do we procrastinate visiting dentists, we’re also usually unaware about the right dental practices to keep teeth healthy.

Check out these essential tips everyone must know of in order to have good oral health:


Flossing is one of the key tips to maintaining good oral hygiene. There is only so much you can get out of good brushing which is why you need to compliment it with flossing. However, flossing itself is not the solution but flossing the right way is. If you’re flossing technique is incorrect you might be cleaning just sixty percent of your teeth’s surface area. Be sure to clean in between the teeth. In case you can’t figure out flossing, you can always go in for interdental brushes which too have a good reach and clean out most of the debris which might lead to plaque build-up.


One key factor that determines the health of your teeth is definitely the nutritional value you introduce in your foods. When you’re eating food high in starch or sugar, it automatically becomes a breeding ground for bacteria which in turn can cause oral problems such as cavities, bad breath or tooth decay. Be sure to eat the right foods and supplement a good amount of calcium for strong teeth. You can easily purchase calcium supplements with healthkart coupons to make sure your teeth stay strong and healthy for long.


Smoking is not just injurious to health but doesn’t do any good for the teeth either. Not only are you at the risk of developing lung cancer, but can develop oral cancer as well. Smoking leads to weakening of the tissues and gum as there is lesser blood supply to the mouth. Also, smoking leads to teeth losing their sheen and you have to continuously hide those embarrassing smoking stains. Hence refrain from smoking for healthier teeth and an overall long lasting health.

Dental Visits

Visiting your dentist is a must no matter how old you are. No matter how scary it might sound and how terrifying the equipment might look, your dentist really does mean well. Make it a point to see him every six months for him to regularly keep a check on the health of your teeth. You might be in need of a scaling or developing a cavity which can be checked on time without it aggravating further. Easily book appointments with dentists with 1mg coupons to get the best dental care your teeth require.

Toothbrush Care

Using the right toothbrush is just as essential as practicing the right brushing techniques. Be sure to always use a soft toothbrush to go easy on your teeth. Never use a toothbrush with stiff or hard bristles as they damage not only the teeth but can injure your gums as well causing them to bleed. Frequently change your toothbrush as your mouth contains a host of bacteria which are also shared by your toothbrush. Be sure to change your toothbrush every three months and follow the right brushing techniques for healthy and strong teeth.

Be sure to follow these easy tips to make sure your teeth remain healthy with age. With the right nutrition, brushing habits and frequent dental visits, you can easily prolong the health of your teeth and mouth.