Some residents of Toronto believe that all the city problems are not their concerns, and politics are those persons, responsible for troubleshooting of all the week points the city has, but the point is that politics are elected by common residents. It means that each of us is responsible for the future of our city as we vote for the persons, who will become the city policy makers and will determine the ways of its further development. Each Toronto dweller just have no right to stay indifferent, but make an informed choice voting for the best candidate – a leader who loves the city as much as common people do and cares about its prosperity, and thus cares of each city resident and understands their needs. Mayor is, undoubtedly, the main person representing the city and determining its trajectory of development, but city Councillors can also affect the situation greatly.

Toronto city Councillors electoral campaign has started with a series of public speeches and private parties. The candidates have presented their programs, which are a kind of promises to change the situation for the better. Residents of Willowdale district will have the opportunity to elect a new Councillor on October 27 – a person who can bring positive changes, all people of the ward need so badly. When making a choice, each voter has to understand that these changes will affect not only the ward, but the city of Toronto as a whole to ensure its sustainable growth.

Willowdale is known as one of the most prosperous districts of Toronto, but still it has a number of problems closely related to traffic jams and public transport. People living in the area have to waste their time when going to a work place or back home due to heavy congestion. This problem needs to be resolved as soon as possible as it negatively impacts local business. Therefore, new leader, who will represent the Willowdale district has to find the solutions for effective dealing with these traffic issues. The solution should be really optimal, but not another wasting of taxpayer’s money. New leaders must provide better accountability for each penny spent starting from election campaign financing and ending with implementation of reforms.

Each resident of Willowdale has more than a month to study the programs of candidates, who will represent the district and stand for the rights of ordinary people regardless of their gender, age, nationality and political believes.