A free transactional Bulk messing system or bulk SMS is called Short Messaging Service which can deliver messages 24 hours a day without fail and can deliver on DND & Non-DND Numbers both.

Benefits of Transactional Bulk messing system are:

1. Instant Delivery of Messages: SMS are sent at lightning speed. The average time of delivery is less than few seconds. The marketing strategies are also fast.

2. The Instant System of Opt-In and Opt-Out: With the coming of various short codes, opting in and also opting out is easier, faster and also associated with instant messaging. This helps to keep the subscribers satisfied and happy.

3. High Open Rate of Messaging: Compared to emailing systems, SMS has an extremely high rate. Subscribers have the choice to open emails but in messages, often they have to open them instantly.

4. High Rate of Conversion: High rate of conversion is there along with subscriber action rate.

5. Extremely helpful and Reliable: SMS is reliable and connect consumer directly to the customers.

6. Short Messages: SMS are always to the point. They are doing not exaggerate, to the point and short, covering all the important, necessary details.

7. Limitless, high Market Potential: The marketing potential of transaction SMS is very high.

8. Green: Most online, web-based marketing and public relation strategies are green and do not involve paperwork.

Transactional Bulk Messaging Service: Delivers Information In A Second

Transactional Bulk SMS and its important characteristics are listed below.

  • Text messages get instantly delivered to both DND as well as Non-DND Numbers
  • The service is open for 24 hours

A Transactional SMS is defined as an instant SMS that sends and delivers data of high importance and significance at the speed of light, without any promotional content.

These kinds of transactional SMS are mainly executed by best transactional SMS service India like the banks, airlines, hospitals, railways, e-ticketing, schools, colleges, universities and other various kinds of educational institutes.

 Advantages of Transactional SMS are:

  1. Data Conveyance: The greatest and most important advantage is that the quality data is easily and instantly conveyed to all clients across the world at any location immediately.
  1. Helpful Ventures for Sending Alerts and Cautions: These help in sending alert messages during any emergencies or natural disasters.
  1. SMS can be sent 24×7: SMS can be sent all the times of the day to anyone, at any point in the world without fail or any kind of delay.
  1. The Connection can be Achieved to DND Clients: DND clients can easily be connected and data can be sent to them.
  1. Provides a Simplified Platform: SMS form is easier, simpler. it is easier to redo instant messages and data can be sent anywhere across the globe without any hassle or time waste [
  1. Going Green: SMS is one of the best modern ways to protect nature and save environment and world. No paper is needed. So trees are not cut during this process. This is one of the biggest blessings of the technological era.

Transactional bulk SMS service provider help to send SMS instantly across the globe, helping in providing instant information.