Kubota manufacturers provide purchasers with special DVD, which included an overview of engine maintenance. Kubota diesel engine is designed to work under shock cycle, load, debris, dust, temperature and extreme climates. Engines well maintained, in accordance to Kubota manuals operate for more than three decades, even after experiencing extreme challenges. This is the main reason that Kubota dominates the tractor market.
Valuable service tips for Kubota engines 
Engine does not crank

  • Defective or dirty battery – To resolve this remove ground cable from battery first and then the positive cable. Use a battery post or cable cleaning tool to clean the cables and battery posts. Replace a nasty looking cable to prevent recurring issue. When you re-install the cables, first attach positive cable and then the ground wire to the battery. It helps to avoid unpleasant sparkling, which can cause battery explosion.

(Tip – Use eye protection for this repair process) 

  • Bad battery – Check the battery with a digital volt-meter to identify its condition. If the reading is less than 12 V means the battery needs to be charged or is failing. If reading is 11 V or more, observe the safety switch, while trying to start the engine.

(Tip – Charge your battery, prior buying new one) 

  • Defective safety switches – Check the safety switch with continuity tester or ohm-meter. Unplug the switch from circuit and if it does not respond to the tester means it is out of adjustment or defective.
  • Blown fusible link – If none of the electrical work means blown fusible link. It is a wire loop positioned near the starter. This happens rarely, especially if battery is hooked backwards.
  • Engine is locked up – If battery and safety switches are good then the engine may be locked up. This may be due to water hose stuck in exhaust pipes filled cylinders and crankcase. Thus hydraulic lock gets created. It prevents pistons from motion and rotation. Remove all glow plugs and manually overturn the engine to remove the water, replace engine filter and oil, and reinstall glow plugs. Restart the engine and if it runs normally then replace oil at least twice in an hour intervals.

Engine cranks but does not start 
If you do not see any smoke, it means fuel is not reaching the engine. First check fuel filter. If it has water or ice then drag your tractor to a dry, warm place and thaw it out.
Another reason the fuel does not reach the engine is due to issue with injection pump control lever. Soak the lever with oil, so that it moves smoothly.
If there is smoke, while starting the engine then the fault may be due to defective glow plugs. Hook them to a battery to check.  If they shine red means they are fine. Check the connection wires, which tend to corrode. Clean them with sandpaper, prior re-installing.
(Tip – Glow plugs hardly ever go bad!)
It can also happen, if you pour gasoline in the diesel tractors fuel tank. Just drain the tank and refill with diesel, replace fuel filter, bleed fuel system and hit ‘Go’ button.
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