Video content in today’s media driven world can be extremely valuable when it comes to things like inbound marketing. As a matter of fact today around 60% of the internet’s traffic is video. Social media has ensured that interesting and well produced videos get shared, liked and eventually the person making those videos makes money.

However, getting people to actually sit through a video can be extremely challenging, especially if you consider that 33% people on the internet chooses not to watch more than 30 seconds. Around 44% people may lose interest and leave by the time they are one minute into a video with 60% people leaving after watching two minutes. This is why good video production even for armatures and part timers are so important.

Consider the fact that your video is being judged on its production quality, presentation, style, and value of the information it provides. This means that if you really want your content to be watched and shared it has to be very remarkable in order to maintain an audience’s attention.

Video Production Tips For Better Looking Videos

Below we look at a few tips which should help with improving video production of marketing videos.

Pre production basics

The key to great video production is to be organized and prepared for all your video shoots. If you are at a shoot disorganized or unorganized but decide to wing it any ways the final production will look sloppy and unprofessional. But if you are prepared and are able to focus all of your efforts on making sure that the actors are working correctly as compared to trying to figuring out last minute logistics the end result will be more professional.

In the video production business time is always of the essence so you shouldn’t waste previous little time on trying to figure out what angle you want and what lines are not delivered correctly. It pays to know exactly what you want and need a day prior to filming.

Power production tips:

  • The concept or idea of the video you are producing needs to be creative and original. Never copy someone else’s idea.
  • Everything should be planned in great detail during the pre-production phase. Make sure to sketch a storyboard and write a script.
  • Adhere to very high standards when casting for any product. The lines delivered shouldn’t appear to be forced.
  • It is also important to consider the set closely. You shouldn’t try to fool your audience by trying to set dress your office to look like the jungle. So try and shoot your location on location for a much more authentic feeling.


Video production should be carried out in a way so that the original footage is as close to perfect as it can be. Yes footage can always be touched up later during the editing phase but that takes time. So, making everything look close to perfect during production can help you save a lot of time in post production. If you have shot a scene and it does not look perfect then try to learn what went wrong and fix that in the next shoot.

Power production tips:

  • Sound quality needs to be your biggest concern because you do not want to come across as an amateur because of low quality sound reproduction. so, it pays to use lapel microphones during interviews.
  • You certainly never want your footage to be under or even over exposed so make sure to setup the right lighting to eliminate shadows you do not want.
  • The tripod should always be level.
  • The camera should always be white balanced and focused.
  • Pay close attention to the rule of thirds during video production.

Video editing

The point in most cases of post production video editing is to cut it down so that it gets to the point faster and does not bore the audience. Consider that you just have 8 seconds to capture the attention of your audience. So, it needs to be relevant, informative and engaging only then will the viewer get your message.

Post production power tips

  • Leading video production experts like Australia based Tom Haramis suggest that videos be edited in a way so that they evoke an emotional response. The pacing, tone and structure of the video has to have an emotional impact for best effect.
  • You can cover up your cuts using b-roll footing but use something that will compliment the narration.
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Mark has been in a video editor and production manager for over a decade. He graduated from the United States in film making and has be the brain behind numerous successful marketing videos in addition to documentaries. Today, he runs his own video production house responsible for making videos for businesses.