Technology has transformed the gambling industry over the past few years and it could be set to take another massive step forward in the not-too-distant future.

Gambling operators offer players a wide range of casino games, but virtual reality technology could soon move the experience onto a completely different level.

Players can use VR to transport themselves to another destination, giving them the opportunity to play their favourite games in iconic places like Las Vegas, Aruba or Monte Carlo.

Read on to find out more about the top three games you could enjoy playing in a virtual reality casino.

Slot machines

Visit any casino across the world and you’ll see row after row of slot machines. The flashing lights and payout noises are the soundtrack that drives every successful casino on the planet.

Online slots are accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, but VR technology replicates the experience of playing these at a land-based casino.

VR online casinos offer players hundreds of games to choose from a wide range of developers, including the brilliant Guns N’ Roses slots.

Buy a suitable headset and you can play your favourite games as if you had actually travelled to the world’s finest casino destinations.


There is little to choose between blackjack and Texas Hold ‘Em in the online popularity stakes, although the simplicity of the former arguably gives it a slight edge.

With a VR-ready computer and a suitable headset, players can visit their chosen establishment and meet up with friends or family to play blackjack against the dealer.

Using VR technology to play blackjack makes it the closest experience players can find to the real thing, and the beauty of the technology is you never have to leave the comfort of your own home to use your winning strategy at the best casinos in the world.


Playing roulette online arguably loses some of its thrill when you’re just watching the ball spin around a computer screen, but VR could change that forever.

VR allows players to interact with croupiers and other players in ways not previously possible on the internet.

You could use VR to observe other players’ strategies around the table, before moving in with bets of your own for the chance to win big.

With a choice of destinations, the possibilities in a virtual reality casino are endless and could transform your enjoyment of playing the casino industry’s most iconic game.