Instagram has gradually become a very popular social media platform that has edged Twitter and overridden Snapchat. its closest competitor in the visual platform niche. If you are a business owner, do you know when it was the last time you went on to create an award-winning marketing strategy for your Instagram account? Maybe, in the beginning when you registered on Instagram however after that? Did you work on your Instagram marketing strategy at all- if you have, not do not fret! The following is a guide to get you started again and make your business come out in the forefront.

Create your content marketing strategy for Instagram

When you have decided to use Instagram for your business, it is crucial for you to decide the nature of the content you post. The content should be relevant to the business niche you are dealing with. Moreover, the photos that you add to the content should be high in resolution and good in quality. In case you are not sure on the type of content you should post for your business, consider the following-

Ways To Create A Winning Instagram Marketing Strategy For Your Business

  1. The content should be product-centric- This is one of the most common content strategies that business owners follow. You will post pictures and photos of your products to send a direct message to your customers and potential customers as to the products you sell. This works well as you can provide your customers an insight into the products that you offer and wish to sell to them.
  2. Culture centric content- When you do not have a product that is unique to sell, you may focus on culture-centric content. This means that your brand has a very strong culture that you wish to promote to the targeted audience. This helps you to establish the identity of your brand on the Internet. You can show your targeted audience what you believe in and are about. For instance, if you take a look at the Instagram page of Buffer, they focus on digital media. You also have a choice to create a strategy that involves both content and culture like in the case of Lululemon. They present their culture on athletics and have an appealing Instagram feed that fetches them free Instagram likes.
  3. User-Generated content- You can highlight the content that is generated by your customers and followers on Instagram. However, if you are new and are starting out in the online market, please do not resort to this strategy in the beginning. You should first establish your presence online and later focus on user-generated content.

Schedule posting of your content

Remember once you have chalked out the content strategy for your company, the next step is to schedule the posting of your content. The news feed on Instagram is no longer chronological. It is based on engagement now and presents content to those that the users are engaged with. It is prudent for you to post content as this increases visibility on Instagram consistently. You should give your users more opportunities to engage themselves on your platform. You should focus on the posting of fresh content so that more and more people follow you and become loyal customers. There are social media automation tools that help you manage your daily posts. Gramista is a popular social media automation posting tool for Instagram. It helps you with posting regular and consistent content. If you are a small business and do not have a social media manager to regularly manage your posting needs on Instagram and other social media platforms, it is prudent for you to make use of social media automation tools for your needs.

The frequency of the post

It is crucial for you to ensure that the frequency of the posts for your Instagram page is maintained and controlled by you. For instance, there is no point posting daily for 15 days and remaining dry for the next 15 days. If you have ten posts in one- month, space them out accordingly so that every three days you can post them for your audience. The consistency and the frequency of the posts are essential when you are using Instagram for marketing and promoting your business.

Therefore, in the above way you can create a winning content marketing strategy for Instagram and keep your targeted audience engaged. Small to large business owners have been able to make it big thanks to this visual social media platform. If you have not started to use Instagram for your business marketing and promotion, it is smart to get started now. The social media platform is very simple for you to use. It is a mobile application that you can download on your smartphone and use it anytime for the marketing and promotion of your business.