Web Marketing has been utilized for years now. It has gained popularity in the industry of business as it caters to easy accessibility among netizens. This article then gives you an idea on how web marketing managed to dominate the web.

History of Web Marketing

During the time of ARPANET and NSFNet which are predecessors of the internet, public commercial use of the web by profit-driven institutions is prohibited. It was only in the early 1990s that the banning of web commercial use was completely removed.

The first occurrence of web marketing was through the Electronic Mail. In fact, the first web marketing activity dated back to 1978 when an advertisement about a new model of a DEC Computer was sent to West Coast users in America. This was followed in 1983 when Compuserve advertised their first email product. After which, it was in 1994 when a massive messaging was used to promote legal services of a law firm owned by Laurence Canter and Martha Siegel USENET, another precursor of the internet.

Since then the email has given rise to massive online advertising resulting in SPAM messages which may contain viruses and worms. Moreover, emails have further expanded from universities and military institutions to ordinary consumers. Later on, online developers have developed software that can reduce SPAM messages by creating email marketing software. Nowadays, this software are widely used in email marketing; take a look at the top 10 reliable and current email software here http://www.top10marketingsoftware.com/best-email-marketing-software.

How is Web Marketing Developed?

There are things to consider before entering the industry of web marketing. First, the products and target market must be determined first. This is because different strategies in web marketing capture different segments of the population. This is in conjunction with the different types of web marketing- social media are mostly used by the millions, while electronic mails are used by the older generations, academic institutions, and corporate sectors.

Thus, a preliminary market research must be conducted to get a quick grasp of the public’s interest. Once all of these are determined, the online presence must be polished next. How to go about the web marketing strategy the type of marketing, methods, and content suited to the chosen market and product must be planned accordingly. When online presence is well established, the company must then monitor how the strategy has been gaining the interest of many.

Many software are able to track all the acknowledgements and responses of the netizens- be it a feedback, comment, or by just clicking the link provided. Finally, it is then important to keep loyal customers by providing personalized promos and offering additional deals. Chances are web marketing may continue to dominate the web so long as the internet is advancing. This a very powerful strategy in achieving up-and-coming business ventures.