You need to make sure that you have dozens of tablecloths for your restaurant. Some of the tablecloths can be spread onto the tables whilst others can be kept in reserve inside the stock cupboard.

Hiring The Tablecloths

1) You can hire the tablecloths instead of buying them outright. This can be done on a short-term basis, which is preferable for many restaurant owners. The tablecloths should be inspected before you decide that you want to hire them. You can consult the assistant manager of the restaurant to see if they agree with the style and thickness of the tablecloths that are going to be hired.

2) You can work out how long you are going to need the tablecloths for, but you will not have to sign a long-term contract. This is going to give your business a large amount of flexibility.

3) Once the tablecloths have been hired, you are going to be able to put some on the tables. The rest can be put into storage and they can be used whilst the other ones are being cleaned.

Taking Care Of The Tablecloths

1) You will just want to give the tablecloths a quick brush down after they have been used during service. If you notice that there are any stains, the tablecloth can be sent to the Stalbridge Linen tablecloth hire company, where they will be washed thoroughly.

2) Food stains are going to be removed, no matter how tough they actually are or how long they have been on the tablecloth. Beetroot and mustard are two of the toughest stains that can soak into a tablecloth.

3) They are not going to be difficult for the laundry service to remove at all. The laundry service is going to use the latest washing machines and detergent to make sure that all of these stubborn stains disappear.

The Logistics Of Having Your Linen Cleaned And Delivered

1) Running a restaurant means that you want to be on-site all of the time, and you do not want to have to leave. This means that you do not have time to deliver or collect your linen when it needs to be washed.

2) Instead, the linen service will make sure that they arrive at your business on-time. They will load the linen into their truck and then they will take it away to be cleaned. Once the cleaning process has been completed, you will have the restaurant linen delivered to your door on time.

What Are The Characteristics Of Tablecloths That You Can Hire For Your Restaurant?

Apart From Tablecloths – What Can Be Hired?

  • You may need to hire more for your restaurant than just several tablecloths. You can hire a large amount of linen that is going to make your business easy to run.
  • You may want some napkins for the tables and you also might want to hire some kitchen whites that your chefs and dishwashers can wear whilst they are at work.
  • Check several aspects of this extra linen before you decide that you are going to hire it:

How Recent Is The Linen? : You are going to want to check how new the linen is before you decide that you are going to hire it on a monthly basis. New linen is going to be extremely durable and there is more chance that it is going to last for a very long time.

How Thick Is The Linen? : Thick linen is going to be able to soak up lots of stains that may occur. Thick linen is also less susceptible to rips and tears than thin linen.

How Well Does The Linen Look? : You want the linen to look attractive when it has been laid on the tables in your restaurant. Aesthetically-pleasing linen is going to entice people to come into the restaurant as they happen to be walking past. You may want to consult with your repeat customers about what kind of tablecloths they would prefer to have in your restaurant. This is an important consideration that some restaurant owners will overlook by mistake.

How Quickly Is The Linen Washed? : You need to think about how quickly your linen is being washed and then returned to your restaurant. This is going to have a large impact on whether you retain the services of a linen washing company.

How Much Linen Is Offered? : The amount of linen that can be offered to you is important. Some companies are going to have a larger reserve of linen than some others so you should check whether they are going to be able to meet your specific needs.

You may run a restaurant that has only a few tables and a small number of staff who need uniforms. Alternatively, you may be running a hotel restaurant that has hundreds of tables so you will need to bulk-order a large amount of linen and uniforms on a regular basis.

Once You Have Finished With The Tablecloths

  • When you want to have new tablecloths, you are not going to have to go through a long and complicated process.
  • You just need to return the tablecloths that you have been using. Alternatively, you may decide that you are going to use the same company on a consistent basis for many years to come. This makes the situation much simpler and you will not have to switch providers at all.

Overall Review

New tablecloths that you have hired from a specialist service are a fundamental part of the restaurant that you are running. You do not need to lift a finger when it comes to washing the linen because this is all going to be done for you in a very short space of time.

The tablecloths need to be noticeable as well as tough. This table linen can be used to attract people who happen to be walking by, and they might turn into loyal customers thanks to the food that you have on your menu. Every so often, you may wish to update the look of the restaurant.