Eye pain often seems to go away on its own, but there are some instances in which such pain can be a sign that there is a bigger problem at hand. This could be caused by problems within the eye or in the structure surrounding it. Here is more on these structures and the problems that can be caused by them, from our optometrist in New Westminster.

What are some of the sources of eye pain?

Any of the several structures surrounding your eyes can be the cause of eye pain. This includes the iris, which is the part of the eye containing colour that has the pupil in the middle of this. The conjunctiva is another structure, this one which is a very thin covering of the eye’s white outside wall.

Another structure from which pain may occur is the eyelid, which cover the eye on the outside to protect it and to spread moisture on it continually. As well, the cornea is the window in the front of the eye that is able to focus light that is coming in.

What are some of the eye problems that may cause pain?

Pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis, occurs when the conjunctiva becomes inflamed. This can occur due to allergies and viral or bacterial infections. Blood vessels become engorged in the conjunctiva, and the eye become red in the area that is usually white.

Another problem is keratitis, which is a corneal infection. This is a problem in which the cornea becomes inflamed or infected due to either a virus, bacteria, wearing contacts overnight, or wearing unclean contacts.

Corneal abrasion, in comparison, is a scratch on the cornea. This may occur when anything from a finger to a tennis ball injures it, as the cornea is very vulnerable. This kind of eye problem can be very painful, and it can be cured with few long-term consequences through antibiotics and proper attention from a medical professional.

In terms of your eyelids, an inflammation or infection of them is called blepharitis and it can cause irritation or pain.

Another cause of pain can be a foreign body such as dirt, a piece of a contact lens, or a part of plant getting into your eye. Usually these will go away through being washed out by water or your tears.

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