If you aim to scale up the corporate ladder and don the role of Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO), you need to gain the required abilities and suitability to get the role. Several studies related to human resources reveal that four steps are required to become a CHRO. These steps are as follows:

What Do You Need To Do To Become A CHRO?

  • Expand your skills: The role of a typical HR officer falls under the function of a specialist. Therefore, it is important for you to hone up your skillet before you step into the position of the chief human resource officer. For example, it will be difficult for the head of learning and development to step into the shoe of CHRO, as they need to be aware of other functions, including how to deal with the business, how to manage country operators, and so on. It also signifies that you may leave your comfort zone to explore other areas and widen the skill set you already have gained.
  • Improve your credibility: Owing to the generalist role of a CHRO, creating credibility in the organization before going for the CHRO position is equally important for an aspiring HR leader. Do remember, as a CHRO, you have to coordinate with all stakeholders, country teams, and functions. Besides, you will have to work with the senior leadership team in different regions. Given this, you need to create an internal network and make sure that more people within your organization take you more seriously. It will ultimately help you work as a CHRO more effective within the organization in the future.
  • Know well about your organization: Usually it is seen that HR professionals are well aware of any function inside out. They; however, are not well aware of the broader aspects of the way their organization is operated. For any HR professional aspiring to become CHRO, it is extremely important to know different levels of his/her organization. This will ultimately help them understand or realize how to drive their business ahead and devise all necessary strategies accordingly.
  • Examine all regional dynamics thoroughly: A HR professional aspiring to step into the role of the CHRO (either at the global or regional level), it is important to get a better understanding of the dynamics of the region he/she is planning to head. It is equally important to build a point of view event at the regional level on the present happenings and how they leave an impact on the talent.

Certifications have a big role to play when it comes to stepping into the CHRO role. Yes. Research shows certified HR professionals get an edge over non-certified ones to beat the race for the CHRO role. Apart from skill validation, HR certification courses equip professionals with the necessary knowledge and competence required for the position. Further, such programs assist professionals in learning the tricks to how to engage as well as continue to be engaged with a multi generational workforce having different beliefs and values. Last but not the least; their updated knowledge of the present approaches to talent management give them the wind beneath their wings.