Piggyback mortgages are loans that cover all or some of the down payment that home buyers must make. The credit assessment of the customer determines what, if some, piggyback loans are offered. Creditors are considered to be a second mortgage.

What Is Piggyback Mortgage?

Facts about Piggyback Loans

  • It is a two loans package with 1 loan added on top. The second loan is taken out by a debtor and the first loan is refinanced or started as well.
  • It is created for the extra payment alternative. With the use of this strategy, owners will make down payment in 10%, then receive the 80% of loan for the value of their home, and lastly the second mortgage will be taken out for the remaining 10%.
  • It will allow the homebuyers to have a big down payment if they want to buy a home.
  • This loan has 3 main types: the 80-15-5, 80-20-0 and 80-10-10 loan. In every type of this loan, the total percent of the home loan is the first number and it is financed by the main lender, the second number is the percent representation which is financed by the company and the last number is the home loan percent which is the homebuyers are required to make a home down payment.
  • In order for you to be qualified on piggyback mortgage, as borrowers you need to have a decent credit assessment so that your creditor will support the second loan.
  • It allows the purchasers to pay toward the 2 loans instead of one loan with private mortgage loan (PMI). This is typically means that there is more money goes to capital.

Benefits of this Loan

  • Piggyback loans help you to avoid repaying a PMI (private mortgage insurance) because this is a loan that has a high value of ratio.
  • It will allow you buying a house as homebuyers with less than twenty percent down payment.
  • This loan is incline to the payment field level and make the homeownership an option for more possible buyers especially those first time homebuyers who have to use a little equity as a down payment.
  • It can lessen your housing expense with a bump sum and increase the deduction of tax.
  • This loan will avoid the “Jumbo” and higher amounts of mortgage programs.

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