First of all we need to be clear about the concept of planogramming. It is a skill that is used in planning of the retail space and merchandising. In this process, certain diagrams known as planograms are used that exhibit the location and appearance of retail products in a store. Planograms take into consideration various factors relevant to a store so as to give a perfect plan to the concerned owners. This in turn helps them to boost their sales. Also customer base of the relevant store is increased significantly which is again in favour of the business owners. Here are some of the most important points you should know about planogram and the various factors involved in it.

Planning of the retail stores

The simplest and most common fact about planogramming is that it refers to the planning of the retail stores. Here planning means the overall outlook of the entire store. Also attention is paid to the individual shelves, their height and distance between various rows and so on. All the aspects of the store are taken into consideration while planning a store under this skill.

Needs of the store

The needs of the store are taken into consideration when planning a store using planograms. Here needs of the store means how many total products are to be displayed, the type of each product on the shelves, visual appearance of the products that is in demand, classification of various sections and accessibility of each product to the customer.

Needs of the customers

Besides, needs of the store, the needs of the customers are also considered when planning a store with the help of planograms. It implies most popular and high demanding products are highlighted in comparison to the others. Also utmost attention is paid to the needs of all types and age groups of customers. As an instance, kid’s products are kept at low height and in separate sections for easy visualization and accessibility.

What Is Planogramming All About?

Allocation of various goods in a store

With the help of planograms, the location of various types of products available in a store is also determined. The products are displayed on the shelves in such a way that commonly used products are easily accessible and noticed by the customers.

Appearance of various saleable items in the store

Apart from allocation, the appearance of various items is also an important aspect that is taken into account while planning a retail store on planograms. All the items need to be exposed in such a way that these are noticed by the customers. Also these are displayed in an excellent and distinct manner to attract and prompt the customers.

Most optimal interpretation of the stocks available in a store

The main aim of planograms and the skill used to design any store is to optimize the interpretation of the stocks available in any retail store.

Planogramming is all about retail stores and it is focused on helping both the customers as well as the store owners to offer them a unique shopping and business experience respectively.