Productivity is very important when it comes to the success of an entrepreneur. Productivity means being able to work on the things that are really important for the company and to do it on time by providing quality results. will give you a list of useful tools for your business in order to increase productivity. It will be easier for you to get things done when there is software that constantly reminds you of what’s pending.

It is clear that you are not a machine and you cannot do all of that by yourself. You need help. That is completely normal and you should ask for it. For this purpose, you will need tools, systems, methods and all kinds of technological tools that can help you do the job faster.

The first and probably most important thing you need is managing. Successful managing means being able to have a systematic approach to tasks which will increase productivity. Tools are one thing and systems are something else. We need tools to support the system we use in order to increase productivity.

There are lots of systems you can use for this purpose and GTD – Getting Things Done is one of them. It is a system you can adjust according to your own needs. In order to sort your activities and tasks professionally you can add Evernote to this system too. But here are other tools similar to Evernote:

  • Remember the Milk
  • Things (Mac only)
  • Omni Focus (Mac only)

Nowadays we are surrounded by different tools and technologies that if they are not managed on the right way can become our worst nightmare. For example, while working we receive a notification about an email, Facebook message, Twitter notification, which can easily distract our attention. Then we move to something completely different and we lose precious time.

In order to avoid this from happening when it comes to productivity we need to develop our own protective system. Here are some tools that can help you with this:

  • Rescue Time
  • Stay Focused

The dynamics of a business life does not always allow us to work certain activities from the same place. It is important to note all the ideas you get. In order to be productive it means to be able to complete all tasks from different places. For this purpose, you will need some of the tools mentioned above. You can send emails and manage the work of the company from your smart phone or tablet. This will be very helpful if you are a business person who travels a lot but you still want to know everything that happens in the company.

In the past we used cartoon calendars to schedule our time, but today we are using electronic calendars and application that remind us of what we need to do. One of those calendars you need to use is the Google Calendar that has all the features a business person needs.