Sales pipeline is one of the key indicators of a company’s health. This is why businesses should not take a hands-off approach to this issue. The best tool for the sales process management is the sales force automation platform. Such software lets sales managers be unalarmed about the main components of their sales funnel – mailing and phone calls, development of selling propositions and search of new opportunities, customer relations and a number of other tasks. When a company implements SFA solutions, all these processes become automated – and the salespersons can devote much more time to finding, nurturing and acquiring new buyers. All this results in the increase of the company’s revenue and more satisfied customers.

Thus, what is sales force automation? According to Webopedia, it is “a technique of using software”, which lets businesses automate their daily sales tasks. Actually, this definition is quite brief; it doesn’t reflect all the possibilities of such systems. Some years ago, SFA referred to platforms, which let field sales reps get rid of paperwork. Nowadays, this software includes a number of ever-evolving functions and solutions driving efficiency and effectiveness of the company’s sales processes.

What Is Sales Force Automation Called Bpm’online?

What Is Sales Force Automation

Bpm’online is cloud-oriented SFA platform aimed at automating of businesses mundane tasks. It helps sales persons control all the stages of customer journey – from leads to purchase, and repeat buying. If you want to get additional information about this platform, its features and functions, please, visit Here, you can read about the comprehensive set of tools designed to improve the company’s sales efficiency and increase its revenues.

Bpm’online has three focus areas – automation of sales, marketing, and service. Read about them on The main advantages of this software are as follows:

  • it gives salespeople a 360° view of customers;
  • it has perfect tools for sales forecasting;
  • it is equipped with document flow automation tools;
  • it provides sales managers with total synchronization and integration of their tasks;
  • it includes a user-friendly and multi-functional system designer.

About Mobile Versions of SFA Software

What Is Sales Force Automation

Many SFA platforms have mobile versions developed for smartphone and other gadgets. As a rule, such solutions posses the same set of tools and features as the desktop versions. Let us have a look at both of them:

  • Both PC and mobile versions of the sales force automation software have convenient tools to organize and plan sales activities.
  • They offer salespersons detailed customer lists containing each client’s history, contact data, mapping, and so on.
  • By virtue of SFA platforms every lead is automatically assigned to the rep.
  • Using a mobile or desktop version sales managers can add new leads or buyers, as well as update existing records.
  • Such platforms provide a framework for unhindered communication among the members of the sales team.
  • They give access to sales support content, i.e. photos of products, catalogues, specs, etc.
  • As a rule, both mobile and PC versions of SFA platforms can be integrated with calendars, mail boxes, social media networks, and so on.

What Is Sales Force Automation? It Is Total Automation!

In general, such platforms are aimed at automation of all the tasks salesmen as well as their managers are to perform in their daily work. All the tools and features of such systems provide some sort of automation aimed at different aspects of a company’s “life”. When the field sales reps do not need to focus on their mundane tasks, they can devote more time to selling. The same concerns sales managers – they get the opportunity to concentrate on effective selling, instead of routine monitoring and administration.

So, what is sales force automation? It is the set of tools meeting the requirements of modern businesses. Every company can choose the features it needs, while all the unnecessary functions of the chosen software will be “turned off”. For example, if there are many door-knockers in the company who can quickly qualify a prospect, the sales reps can maximize the number of daily sales calls. If a company is focused on long-term customer relationships, its sales managers can pay special attention to driving quality time with prospects.

In order to get the most out of chosen SFA solution, a business should distinguish the key elements of its work. Its salesmanagers must feel strongly about the optimum sales process, which can propel the company to the top. Only in this case, they’ll be able to determine, which features of a comprehensive SFA solution are the most suitable for the company.