Buying an RV is a big investment. It is also a big promise to yourself. You’re making a commitment that you’re going out on the road and enjoying the RV lifestyle when you make the commitment to purchase one. There are some things to consider as you go about buying an RV – things that to remember and things that can help make the experience a little bit better.

Some of you might be thinking that it’s not that big a deal – it’s like buying a car. Well, you wouldn’t be totally wrong about that, but buying an RV is a bit harder than your last car purchase. Generally, you’ve probably already bought a house and that car – this RV is likely the third biggest purchase you’ll make and it is definitely unique. They are not so easy to park, and there is a bit more to the maintenance of an RV. Your insurance is likely to be more complicated and expensive. If the model you want is towed, you’ll need something to tow it with, and you need to consider how many amenities you want to take with you on the road.

So which type of RV are you looking for, anyway? You can literally go as small as an oversized van. Or you can go as big as a Class A Motorhome – the kind that is all-encompassing. In-between are Class C Motorhomes that are like a cross between the van and the Class A, travel trailers that are towed behind the bumper, fifth-wheels that are towed with a gooseneck from a truck bed or platform, pop-up campers, and truck campers. One of these is going to be your home on the road – amenities and budget are probably going to be your main factors in the decision.

If you don’t like roughing it, and you have the funds to both make the purchase and do the maintenance, you’ll probably like the Class A Motorhome. If you don’t mind a few “roughing it” experiences and your budget won’t allow top-of-the-line, you can choose from a couple of the other options and still enjoy your travels. So decide first what your budget can bear. Keep in mind the RV “extras” – maintenance, insurance, fuel/oil, parking, where you’ll stay on your travels, how you want to deal with meals, and entertainment/connectivity. From this you can decide the RV for you.

Once you know which type of RV you want, you can look at the different model RVs For Sale In Florida. Decide what kind of floor plan suits you – there are a lot of them and this could actually be a hard decision. Understand what kind of storage you need for what you’ll take along, and the options like microwaves, beds and TVs. Do some research on fuel economy to know if you can afford to drive it down the road, and what you’ll need to budget for there. Lastly, ask yourself about how often you’ll travel with your new RV. Having a plan with these considerations in mind should get you closer to buying your new RV addition, and enjoying the experience.

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