You would have never given much thought to the possibility of water disappearing from earth? But have you ever tried to think, what would be the actual scenario if something like this ever happen? You don’t have to panic right now about this unfortunate scenario, but it would do good to be sure that you have paid your last water bill on time and have got regular water supply in your house. In case, you are facing any problems or concerns over water supply or sanitation in your house, you can always contact your water supplier at Northumbrian Water Contact umber (if you are a customer of Northumbrian Water).

In the meantime, we will let you know about different possibilities that can occur, if water suddenly disappears from our life and ultimately from earth.

We all know that water is an essential component of all known living cells, plants, animals, fungus, etc and in the absence of water, they all would desiccate and crumble to death; which means that without water, there will be no life on earth and every living thing on earth would die.

As there will be no water on the earth; there will be no evaporation and hence no water vapor in the atmosphere, the sky might change its color and have a reddish tint in it due to the high oxygen content in the air. Similar to Mars, a thin layer of oxidized dust will settle over everything. And who knows, might be the aliens living on other planets will establish their satellites and start experimenting to find out if earth ever had life on it.

Without water vapor, there would be no greenhouse gas effects which will cause the surface temperature drop substantially and maybe even below the freezing temperatures and we will return to the ‘Ice Age’. However, it doesn’t matter much as there would be nothing much left to freeze.

The oceans would be huge and vast barrels of salt, left due to the absence of water and there would be no deep seas to learn scuba-driving. People would be supposed to plan hiking every time they would wish to go on vacations (if there would be people left to live on the planet).

We would also need to change the world map as the continents showing up on the current map would look completely different in the absence of water. As all the underground aquifers and reservoirs will suddenly dry, there would be massive sinkholes all over the world which will give the continents a permanent pockmarked look.

Although, there would still be wind (as the atmosphere would be heated by sunlight); there would be no weather anymore. There will only be occasional bolt of lightning or sheet lightning, once the atmosphere on earth would have built up enough charge.

Thankfully, we don’t have to experience all these scenarios as we still have water left on earth and don’t have to wait forever for the comets to strike the earth with massive amount of ice stuck on them (so the life can be brought back on the planet). Lucky we!