Custom printed packaging tape is a go-to product for a lot of online retailers as well as other companies who are looking to get their packages sealed with their logo on the tape. There are many benefits of having your packaging tape custom made such as reducing the amount of pilferage and getting your box to stand out from competition.

The first thing you have to do first as a business is to get your product and/or service noticed by customers. If you do not have the business necessary to sustain yourself, there is no way to think about other marketing ideas such as custom printed tape. There are ways to improve your organic search for certain keywords to get your site to rank better.

If you are looking to get a site redesign anytime soon, be warned that if you do not think about SEO, your rankings will fall. Some of the reasons why this may be the case is that in the process, many key pages have been deleted which have been causing the traffic. In addition think about the URL structure of your pages. Since the links pointing to your pages before the change will now point back to nothing, all that work will be lost. This even means that the authority your site built throughout the years went down the drain. Some cases the redesign can cause duplicate content, which we all know penalizes your site. Once your site has been fixed of all these issues will it be able to bounce back. Best case is if you are looking to get a site redesign, make sure to hire a specialist in search engine optimization.

Also keep in mind that going from one e-commerce platform to another also hurts your rankings. For reasons such as outgrowing your current platform or wanting to upgrade to get more insights and features are all real world situations. It is good to know that Javascript cannot be picked up by search engines therefore it looks as though a page is invisible.

Another good technique to improving your search engine optimization game is to look into the keywords your webpage already ranks well on. Then you should make changes to better leverage these keywords in your favour. Changing the titles, headers, articles and content to show the relevance of these words on your site can do this. When we pair this strategy with link building, there is no telling just how much more organic traffic will come through to your site. But be sure you are not cannibalizing your rankings for more important keywords.