Motherhood has now finally dawned upon you. You have a beautiful child in front of you whom you want to attend to every need more than your own and who is undoubtedly the single most important person in your life right now. However, there is a flip side to it. Your baby cannot always convey to you what is it that she wants and it is possible that you might sometimes feel a bit frustrated like you are having a one-sided conversation with your baby.

According to child and family health experts, babies are constantly communicating with their parents. They communicate with their cries and other few subtle forms of connections. It has been studied to see that new born babies can easily differentiate between the voice of humans and other sounds, in the manner they respond to familiar voices and strange noises.

Child experts recommend that parents learn to pick up on minute details, such as the ones mentioned below, which is not only rewarding but can also help in strengthening the bond with your child.

These tiny details are subtle forms of your new-born’s secret language also known as a baby code. Here are two ways to decipher what you’re new born baby is trying to convey to you.

  • Bonding with the eyes

New born babies lock their eyes on to their mothers or guardians somewhere between the first and second month, as the focus of the child becomes more well-defined. The bonded eye contact is extremely useful in communicating meaningful messages between the mother and new born child. Child experts opine that bonding with the eyes is a form of love expression from the child to the mother and also a sign looking out for comfort and protection from the parent.

By looking into your new-born’s eyes as you continue to talk and sing to her, it is important to continue doing the same no matter how silly it might appear. Keep talking to your baby in a soothing voice, for example tell her how pretty she is, what you will be doing all day, how is the weather outside… just about anything that catches your fancy.

If you notice your baby is looking to you for comfort after a disturbance or an abrupt sound, place your palm gently yet firmly on her stomach and hold her gaze steadily while speaking to her in a soothing voice to make her feel protected and reassured.

  • Excited Gurgling

Excited gurgling is your baby’s way of telling you that she likes something or is asking for your attention. Sometimes, it might happen that you are not there with you baby but want to explore all her activities then you can buy a baby monitor and get it fixed in her room. That’s the way you can monitor all her moves. When new born babies discover that they can start vocalising, they begin to communicate through a variety of sounds.

Your new born baby may excitedly gurgle while playing with a new toy or might have just discovered something new or is simply gurgling loudly to get your attention. Gurgling is a form of happy talking. By responding and imitating to your baby in a similar cheerful and elated tone can help in bringing about a give-and-take conversation.

You might want to play along with her with the new toy or follow her gaze to the new thing that she has spotted in the corner of her eye or cuddle her and give her all your attention by talking to her excitedly and happily.

Author Bio: Malvika Agrawal, a working professional and blogger but that doesn’t prevent her showing her writing skills in different fields. You can connect with her on Google+.