When you injury your foot, the first instinct that most people have is to rest it and take some over the counter pain relievers. And, in most cases, this self treatment is enough to stoke the natural healing processes each person possesses and get you back on your feet in no time. However, there are some instances where seeing a medical professional, including a foot and ankle specialist is recommended. It is important to recognize these situations when they happen in order to prevent further damage from occurring as well as to speed the healing process. Here is a checklist of things to look for in order to help you decide whether self care efforts will be sufficient or if more advanced medical treatment is warranted.

Seek immediate Medical Attention for Injuries when:

You have severe pain or swelling. Pain is your body’s natural defense mechanism against further damage. If your foot or ankle is extremely painful, it is a symptom of something pretty serious.

You have redness, warmth or tenderness in the foot or ankle. These symptoms, accompanied by a generalized fever, can indicate an infection.

You have a chronic disease that restricts circulation in your lower extremities such diabetes. Wounds that aren’t healing or present symptoms of infection should be a big indicator that you need to seek immediate care.

Schedule an Office Visit with a Foot Care Specialist when:

You have pain or swelling that doesn’t subside after a few days of traditional home treatments such as ice, heat and over the counter pain medications.

You have lingering pain several weeks after the injury occurred.

You experience an evolution of symptoms from pain to a burning or tingling sensation in your foot or ankle.


It is important to take a timeout when an injury to the foot or ankle occurs, unless there is an obvious deformity, and allow the initial shock and pain of the injury to subside before rushing to your local emergency room. Rest the injury and apply ice for 15 minutes or so several times a day for a couple of days to see if the pain and swelling subsides on its own. Anti-inflammatory drugs can also help with this, but take care as the medication can mask symptoms and cause you to overuse your foot before it has properly begun to heal.

Even with the best of self care, you may find that it is necessary to have your foot or ankle cared for by Foot doctors Utah. These individuals have highly specialized training to help them properly diagnose and treat injuries to the foot or ankle. If you are unsure as to whether or not you need specialized care for your injuries, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with a specialist. This is especially important if you feel as though your symptoms are getting worse or have complicating factors such as diabetes. Utah foot doctors are available for consultations and are regularly taking new patients. For more information, please contact your local foot doctor Utah today.

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