There are many elements that go into a successful car service exchange. Not many of us are extremely car literates and thus can mess up while picking up a mechanic for our car service. At the same time, service and repair centers that deliver as promised, as too hard to find these days. Amidst that chaos, we bring you a few tactics that can help you gauge the service abilities of the mechanic or the service center you plan to resort to!

Company Reputation & Size

A company that has its work at the highest level in terms of the level of service sales volume is generally trustworthy, as their business has reached that level after delivering services at its best. Also, a large company will have a more organized structure of functioning and thus will be able to provide accurate quotations, confidence for warranties and shall also have the required professional equipment to service your car effectively.

Coping for Flexibility & Additional Provisions

Apart from the main car servicing part, there are many add-ons in the transaction like pick-up and drop, service on weekends, etc. The company must have resourced that are flexible enough to fit your schedules like servicing on weekends, would the mechanic visit your place for the car or otherwise, etc. The mode of payment, serving various AMC plans, etc. should also be vouched for a consistent car service.

Customer Support  

Irrespective of the service expenditure you are going to incur on your vehicle, the customer support executives approach must always be welcoming. An uninformed customer service executive showcases the lack of communication in the company that may cause issues while your vehicle is with them for service. Every person on the service team, be it the executive answering the phone or the service mechanic; must be able to direct you towards the right source of information. You must feel looked after too when you’ve gone there in the process of looking after your car.

Service Price Quotes

Mechanics and service centers are often stereotyped to take advantage of consumers in terms of charging excessive for service. Service centers that offer fixed price quotes should be preferred over the others as in this case the window to charge extra towards services not rendered, does not arise.


Mechanics that are confident about their work generally offer a 12 month or 20,000 kms warranty. This is a good way to ensure that the car services rendered under the fixed price quotes are genuine and not hurried in any way.

You may Watch them Work as Well!

For customer satisfaction, some service centers and mobile mechanics allow their clients to watch while they service your vehicle and many don’t allow the same giving safety regulations as a reason. However, when mobile mechanics work in your own drive way, you have the benefit to ask them all you want about the service. This would leave you satisfied about the work done on the automobile.

Word of Mouth

Asking people around you to recommend you a service center is the most relevant a suggestion you can get, as it comes out of personal experience. If you don’t find a person to go and inquire about, testimonials, reviews and feedback on Google or their website, as well may be of genuine help to you!

Author Bio:

Orsome Welles is a professional blogger and a regular contributor to many blogs. On behalf of BMW Service Perth, a leading Car repairing specialist. He loves sharing and exchanging thoughts on automobiles and pen down amazing features pointing out new and upcoming luxury cars in his blogs.