Of all the things you can spend your cash on, your boiler is not the most exciting so it’s understandable that individuals need to get theirs back ready to go as inexpensively as you can when it reduces. The two main costs involved with mending a boiler are alternative parts and labour time. Engineers are less inclined to negotiate on the hourly rate however they may offer to keep carefully the cost low by sourcing a cheaper part.

BEWARE! Cheaper parts may well save a few quid on your repair expenses but they could cost you much more in the long run.

Buy cheap, buy double goes the old adage but using non-genuine parts in your boiler could have much bigger consequences than simply needing to replace them quicker. Low cost parts are low priced for grounds; something has usually been compromised on the way to permit it to be created for less. Which may be the materials used, the positioning of production or the competence of the manufacturer. Or potentially all 3. Any of these reasons could decrease the quality of the part.

This may be an Issue Because:

The part might not exactly fix the situation – therefore you may not ensure you get your heating back online and you’ll have to buy the part again

The part might not exactly previous long – if you’re needing to replace it much earlier than you’d an authentic part then it’s not cheaper, plus you have the added inconvenience of another breakdown and even more labour costs

The part may compromise your boiler – a minimal quality part has the potential to fail but also to harm the functionality of the boiler leading to more breakdowns and perhaps even more parts to displace. Inside a worst case scenario it might even business lead to the boiler becoming dangerous

It might invalidate your company warrantee – good boiler installation sheffield Engineers will offer you attractive warranties of 5 or even 7 years and this is exactly what often attracts visitors to get them. However, warranties will only be honoured if certain conditions are met and one of these will be that alternative parts are genuine company parts. You don’t want to discover that you’ve thrown your warrantee away for the sake of saving several pounds on the fix

It might invalidate your insurance policy – many people benefit from the satisfaction of having a boiler cover policy to care for services and vehicle repairs. Just like a warranty, you will see terms and conditions mounted on this of course, if you’ve acquired a previous repair that didn’t use appropriate parts, this may well not be protected. Not only do you want to have to invest in your own repair, you should have wasted all your premiums

By the end of your day we believe it’s really not well worth the risk and that’s why we only ever use genuine manufacturer parts. The insurance companies that we improve insist upon it and we insist upon it for our private customers too. Would we ever before utilize them? We’d really rather not but sometimes a person will insist on providing their own parts. If this is actually the cased we will usually ask them to indication a disclaimer taking all responsibility for the performance of the part – that’s how high the chance is.

So, if your heating engineer offers to match an inexpensive part, or you’re tempted to source one yourself, consider the results – or maybe call us away because you understand that people wouldn’t do this!