Attractive women are all over the globe – from artists to actresses and over powering icons of the city. A woman makes it to the popularity charts only when she is loved by her fans that follow her religiously. This does not mean a fan following that consists of only people of the opposite sex. Women also play their search for these women in order to know their beauty secrets, fashion trends they follow and many more.

Looking up for popular women is one of the best ways to know one’s favorite artist or celebrity closely. One could follow her fashion trends, her latest hair style and so much more. Making in to the charts of top 50 women on internet is definitely not an easy job. These women have put in sheer hard work to earn the name and fame that they have today.

Reasons to Google for Popular Women

The reason can be anything ranging from their interest to know what’s going on in this woman’s life or to gather information that is inspiring and make them look and live the same way as these women do. Their style secrets, latest fashion trends and even their hair and makeup! Topping this list are the most popular film actresses and famous musicians & artists who have been in the limelight. Rihanna, for example tops the list because of the appeal her music has for the masses. Many people identify with her music and also enjoy her wonderful antics and are fans of her fashionable outfits. The same goes for most of the other stage performers, and movie stars in the field. The users who normally look them up are teenagers and young adults, who are more prone to listening and watching these ladies while they perform. For many, Emma Watson has been kind of their first crush. Every other guy loves her and wishes to know more about her. She is drop dead gorgeous and people have grown watching her growing up onscreen. Likewise, there are many more popular women who have made it into the hearts of millions of people across the world. From Megan Fox, to Paris Hilton who is a brand by herself, the phenomenal actress Angelina Jolie, Music icon Shakira and the list goes endless. From singers to actresses to many more – every individual across the globe has looked up for these women at least for once in their life time. Who has been your pick – could be one or all the top 50 women on internet!

The List Includes Older and Weird Choices as Well

Not all the women who figure in the top 50 list may be those that you would expect to find. This only goes to prove that people not only are smitten by talent and youth, they also find weirdness appealing. Angelina Jolie, for example, is very intriguing and Oprah Winfrey is a powerful women. Both of them always have a coveted place in the top 50, because of their unusual appeal to women.

Another interesting fact is that the women, who are easily considered the most hated, also make this list. Kim Kardashian, for example, is very popular on the hate list. However, she is frequently looked up on the internet. So, is Paris Hilton! The internet savvy generation of time hence does not restrict their searches to those who they love, but also go in search of those they aren’t really fond of as well.

Some of the women like Whitney Houston and Heidi Klum may have had their good days, and their history and talent still help them make it to the list of the top 50 women on internet.