Microsoft Office 365 is a revolutionary cloud based service that has become widely popular with engineers and engineering firms. It helps bring more efficiency to your engineering processes and offers so many benefits because of its features. This cloud technology may not be much old, but it has certainly taken over the market. This is because of its high degree of reliability and efficiency. The Microsoft Office 365 Cloud brings you all these advantages plus the efficiency for which the Microsoft Office package has been known for a long time. As an engineering firm, it makes all the sense to put your business on the cloud and implement Office 365. It will help you succeed and grow your business.

Growing your engineering business with Office 365

Office 365 is capable of making your engineering projects more efficient while also reducing costs at the same time. There are many reasons for implementing this successful cloud service:

  • Storing project reports and files
  • Collaborating on reports
  • Staff can post reports so that all involved parties can view and make comments
  • Allowing staff to work from anywhere and at any time, even when they are in the field

When you want to implement Office 365 for your engineering firm, you will have to decide from where you will be buying the Office 365 service. You can obviously purchase from Microsoft, but there are some highly reputed Microsoft Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) such as that also offer you the service.

Where to choose from

Although there are two places you can buy from, there are clear reasons why you should implement Office 365 service for your engineering from by purchasing from a highly regarded Tier 1 Microsoft CSP. They are able to provide you the service as part of a package that is perfectly suited for your type and size of firm. At the same time, it is essential to choose the right CSP.

What can a Microsoft CSP offer

Apps4Rent is one of the leading Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Service Provider providing highly efficient Office 365 Cloud package. They offer high quality customer support services in implementing Office 365. They provide end-user assistance 24 hours a day and 7 hours a week. When you purchase the cloud service from Microsoft, customer support can take be restricted. Phone assistance directly from Microsoft is limited to a specific set of official critical problems.

However, Apps4Rent can offer comprehensive end-user support and full-cover service. As an engineering firm working in a fast paced environment, you will not have the time and resources to wait for getting help from Microsoft. Your business and operations cannot wait, and it makes much more sense to choose this Tier 1 Microsoft CSP.

When you purchase the Office 365 service from a CSP, you will get all types of end-user support without any restrictions. If you have any queries or problems, the will be available to resolve them round the clock via phone, chat or mail. If you purchase it from Microsoft, it will come with minimal assistance to move onto the new system. But a reputed Tier 1 Microsoft CSP will provide you with the same cloud service at same price but with total support for adapting to it.

Additional benefits of choosing this CSP

There are even more reasons for buying the cloud service from Apps4Rent. They provide product bundling option that comprises of all services including technical support and the ability to store your data at the same place. This adds high-level of data integrity, consistency and security.

  • They allow you to include a Free Project Management Software like Project Online as part of your Office 365 package. It will help in enhancing your engineering process effectiveness and coherence when you get the cloud technology from them.
  • They also provide free SharePoint website for project management on a target site

Therefore, this Tier 1 Microsoft CSP will provide you with a total package that enhances the efficiency of your engineering projects and processes.