External linking is an integral part of the SEO environment. It is essentially a hyperlink that points to other website or domain name. The SEO world isn’t about getting links, but also giving away links to other websites. If people are not willing to give links, there’s no way we will get a link for our website. In this case, we should know more about link popularity and external links are actually the real life and blood of the SEO world. By having external links in our website, search engines would think that our website is behaving normally. However, when we give links to other websites, we should consider the relevancy factor. Search engines could detect relevancy by analyzing keyword correlations between our website and the website that we give our links to.

Anchor text should be written by people to make sure that it is relevant and natural. It should reflect the content of the webpage. Anchor text could be consisted of a few words and integrated with our content. This would provide good relevancy for search engines, especially because both contents are perfectly relevant. Search engines would be able to determine whether we are using relevant keywords or not. Search engines want to create a dependable knowledge hub and this can only be achieved if websites share links genuinely with one another. We should contribute by adding external links naturally and effectively. The big question is how we can do that. In general, we should try to deliver good quality information.

Why External Links Are Important For SEO?

By linking to other relevant websites, we could improve our credibility in the network. If people see that we give links to others, it is more likely that they will do the same to use. This is certainly a better thing than paying for links that can be removed in the future. In fact, it is possible to attract dozens of incoming links by giving away a few external ones. However, we should avoid giving away too many external links, because we could inadvertently create a link farm. Link farms are websites with excessively high number of external links and they are penalized by search engines. They could be removed completely from search results and external websites that receive links from them could have reduced ranks, so it is a complete waste of time.

External links could also be created by visitors in comment sections and it is important to moderate commenters. Many people write comments only for the sake of creating incoming links for their websites. However, they could leave many spammy-looking links. We may choose to disallow commenters to write their websites, but many websites get plenty of traffic by allowing people to leave do-follow links. But, it means that we should cautiously moderate links at least once each day. It can be quite troublesome to moderate hundreds of comments, but if we get income from advertising impressions, this could be a good thing to do.