In the present days, the roofing of your home becomes a lifestyle statement. Over the years roofing has been promoted to a symbol of individual choices from the basic necessity over one’s head. Home improvement and reconstruction industry have grown to a vast expanse and huge turnover during the last decades.

The roof of a house plays a key role in the maintenance of the house. They protect the house from sun, wind, rainfall and various other adversities and also maintain the temperature of the house. As a homeowner, there are certain facts which you should consider in Roofing, for the maintenance and proper functioning of the house. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Shingles made from asphalt or fiberglass are widely used nowadays to cover the roofs of residential areas. These materials can be easily installed on the rooftops. One interesting feature about them is that they contain granular substances that do not allow water to stagnate. Shingles can last for a long period of time depending on the intensity of the wind speed and the type of grade used.
  • Replacing old shingles with new ones by placing the new ones above the old ones was an old practice of roofing which used to be followed in the yesteryear. But this practice is no longer used nowadays as this is seen to be of no use.
  • A well-planned roofing increases the resale value of the house. A roof not only protects the house from adversities but also makes the house look appealing and attractive in front of others.
  • When you are going for a metallic roofing you should be aware of the properties of the metals that are to be used like how much will it expand in summer, contract in winter, whether it can be rolled or cut into appropriate sizes etc.
  • You should try to protect your roof from leaks using leak barriers. There are many areas in the roof which are prone to leakages and they should be mended at once to prevent further damage.
  • Vents are crucial, and they should be installed in the roofs to let go of the hot and humid air of the attic and will lower the inside temperature of the house. This will lead to less consumption of AC and the electricity bill will also reduce considerably.
  • You should be careful about the types of roofing materials you use. If the last time you did the roof of your house with a particular material, over the years many new materials have come into the market. You should be well aware of such materials, should consider their advantages and disadvantages and don’t hesitate to try out something new. Newer materials can be more expensive than asphalt shingles, but they give a different look to your entire roofing and last for a longer period of time.
  • Before replacing the roof of your house, you should know that the entire process will be noisy. The sound that will be produced by the scraping of the old shingles and the recurring hammering noise that will be produced once you will be installing the new one can cause disturbance to elderly people, patients or infants.
  • You should fix the right contractors for fixing your roof or installing a new one. An inexperienced contractor may end up in damaging the material while roofing.
  • A roof of moderate size requires 3-4 days for the entire roofing process to end. The old shingles need to be removed to make room for the new one. Then the small damages, if any, should be repaired. Old rotten woods can be replaced with plywood.

Thus, following the above steps can help you proceed with the roofing quite easily and conveniently. Roofing plays a key role in enhancing the overall beauty of the house, hence it should be done with utmost care and perfection.