Cloud Hosting is the latest hosting type which has become incredibly popular during the past decade. The main reason for this is its novel method of utilizing the resources required to manage a website. Unlike in all previous hosting types, in Cloud Hosting services, the resources are distributed across multiple web servers, so they can be rendered as and when required for a website.

Your website does not rest on just one server, but safely sits on a cluster of servers, which we call “the Cloud”. The multiple server method protects a system from getting disrupted in case some malfunction occurs in any one server.

This also leads to another remarkable characteristic of Cloud Hosting Service. It allows the user to cope with heavy traffic loads seamlessly. With backup servers packed with extra resources, the user of this hosting type never has to face bandwidth issues. Resources are available on demand , as the client is not counting on a single server’s capacity for the availability of resource.

Have you ever wondered how Google works? That is the best way to understand what a Cloud Hosting service really is. You probably did not realise that, in the over 20 years of its existence, there was never any downtime while surfing on! It was never down for maintenance, not even once. That is because the world’s biggest search engine has smartly divided its resources and allocated them across several different servers on the Cloud.

High quality hardware and security

A superior hardware is essential to prevent the performance of a website from getting hampered. So, for a company that is offering enterprise-level Cloud hosting services, quality is irreplaceable.

A genuine Cloud Hosting Service provider will, therefore, always ensure that he gives you a high-quality server hardware and provides you with a server which is more reliable than a Dedicated Server. You have to be wary about providers who claim to offer very cheap Cloud Hosting services.

The physical servers built and set up to assist your systems are stored in the data centres of the service provider company strongly guarded facilities. They are, therefore, totally secure and have zero risk of unverified access and other intrusions.

Difference between Cloud, Dedicated and VPS Hosting

Evaluating Cloud by weighing it against the other forms of hosting will help us get a clearer sense of the gains cloud hosting and cloud server can bring.

By setting Cloud Hosting against a Dedicated Server in terms of reliability, you will find that Cloud is far more dependable. This is due the multiple servers that support it in case of any crisis, while Dedicated Server takes all the load singularly.

When it comes to pricing, however, the cloud infrastructure is a little costlier among the two hosting types; although the costs for both servers may fluctuate depending on the actual usage. Even if its costs are higher, the Cloud also guarantees a higher resilience than a Dedicated server.

Cloud looks quite expensive when compared to VPS (Virtual Private Server) or traditional Shared Hosting. Still it proves itself superior with its astonishing reliability. The VPS Hosting method to get resources on a single server managed by different users keeps its costs down; hence customers who are looking for cost-effective solutions are usually advised to choose VPS. However, once again, Cloud beats the cost-effective VPS Hosting with its robust reliability.

Future of Cloud Hosting

Over the past 12 years, Cloud Hosting Services, with its abundant benefits, has turned out to be an astonishingly great facility for several big enterprises and organisations. The remarkable modifications that Cloud has gone through over all these years, has been immensely helping businesses in their growth race.

However, the costs that cloud charges for its high reliability, is still out of reach for many small businesses. They have not yet been able to get the infrastructure needed for a transition to the cloud.

A section of the small businesses, on the other hand, have become aware of the tremendous potential of the high dependability Cloud Hosting Services provides in taking their enterprises to the next level. So, despite the costs that go into buying this reliability, many of them have already made the shift to Cloud. Cloud is a worthy investment, is what they firmly believe.

The providers of Cloud Hosting services have also started making all out efforts to bring the prices within a reasonable range of all the enterprises. This has resulted into more and more small businesses thinking about moving to the Cloud.


Cloud Website Hosting is fast gaining popularity, which it completely deserves. A considerable number of businesses have already hopped on to it. It is just a matter of time when, eventually all businesses, big and small, will join the bandwagon. With Cloud developers working out creating low-cost Cloud implementations with great success, sooner or later this transition will definitely take place.