Well, why is it important to clean out any machinery? Your car’s engine requires an oil change every few months. Your toaster needs you to empty the crumbs out from the bottom tray a couple times a year at least. The filter of your vacuum cleaner needs to be checked and replaced every now and again, you get the point. Why wouldn’t your dry herb vape pen be treated the same? Technically, the finer and more delicate or intricate the machinery, the more it should be inspected for any complications and cleaned to prevent any kind of countless possible malfunctions. And if you think that means treating it like your toaster and quickly shaking out some crumbs a few times a year, you might be a bit disappointed to hear that it’s recommended to clean your vape pen at least once a month if you even just use it once every day or two. Let me explain why if you’re groaning in protest.


Cannabis is a versatile plant that can serve a huge variety of purposes, but one thing about it is that it’s damn sticky. Even more so when it’s being submitted to upwards of 300-400 degrees fahrenheit. As of yet, there isn’t really a vaporizer out there that does its job so well that there’s no extra byproducts left behind. The more you let these residues build up, the harder and harder it becomes to clean. It also becomes more likely for some to melt and seep into areas which you’d prefer didn’t get coated in thick, sticky residue. All sorts of electrical malfunctions can occur from neglecting to clean this gunk out.


Would you eat fresh pesto pasta mixed with week old bolognese? Didn’t think so. Especially if you smoke a variety of strains by habit, you don’t exactly want to be blending week old flavors of a musky indica with some fresh, citrus-y haze, do you? Just some food for thought.

It’s Not That Hard

Yes, it’s a bit of a hassle, but a quick inspection and cleaning every two or three weeks isn’t the end of the world. It can save you money by extending the lifespan of your device, and ensures that you get fresher, better flavor out of your bud. A quick scrubbing of the heating chamber for five or so minutes is often all it takes.