Before buying anything, we search for reviews, look for information, ask our friends and acquaintances and watch advertisements and videos. This is because we look for strong reasons to buy those products. And, the e-hookah is no exception to this rule.

The electronic cigarettes and hookah have seen huge popularity among young smokers because these are better alternatives to their traditional counterparts, especially health wise. Shisha pens are devoid of tobacco or tar, ingredients that are considered to have extremely harmful side effects to health.

However, many of us are reluctant on trying the e-hookah/ shisha pen because we know very little about it and need better reasons to buy them out. So here are five reasons why you should definitely give it try.

  • Many flavors to try – Bored of one flavor? Don’t worry; there are myriads of flavors choose from when it comes to an e-hookah. Be it a mono apple flavor or a mixed fruit punch flavor, smoking e-shishas is always a delightful and tasty experience.
  • Free of Nicotine – Nicotine has harmful side effects such as damaging body cells, malfunctioning of lungs, sleep disorders, lung cancer, high blood pressure and much more. E-hookahs being free of nicotine save you from these for sure.
  • Economical – If you’re a smoker of traditional hookah, you’ll know how much each sessions cost and how much you eventually end up spending. E-hookahs give you the leverage of smoking as many puffs you want and storing away the rest. Almost all e-hookah give an average of 400-450 puffs making them extremely economical vis-à-vis traditional hookahs. Try calculating!
  • Portable – Setting up hookah vessels at home can be a hassle and visiting a hookah bar can be expensive. The e-hookahs give you the luxury to carry your hookah wherever you go and also save you loads of trouble setting up smoking units.
  • No troubled non-smoking neighbors – Electronic hookahs emit no harmful smoke and neither do they smell, so you can safely smoke amongst your non-smoking friends without them being affected.

That said, those who are into the traditional form of smoking hookahs, would argue that the electronic versions don’t offer the same strength and pleasure. However, that’s far from true. Electronic hookahs too can be as strong as traditional hookahs if you choose an e-liquid with higher strength and also opt for a more powerful battery.

Understanding what possibilities a shisha pen has to offer in terms of strength and flavors can be known only when you begin smoking one. Hence, go ahead and give it a shot.

How was your first experience smoking an e-hookah? Share your thoughts and experiences with us; we’d love to hear from you.