The saying ‘first impressions are everything’ is not only true for when people meet, but it can also be relevant when someone is attending an office or home for the first time. Taking this into consideration, it is of extra importance that your reception is kept to the highest standard possible – and to ensure that is the case, take a look at some of the tips below!

The Receptionist Will Give First Impression of Your Business

As well as the layout of the reception being important in making a first impression on guests of the business. The receptionist will be the first member of staff to represent your company, so you want to make sure that they have been trained to a high standard. You should ensure that they are dressed looking sharp, speak with in proper English and can deal with any queries related to the business.

Decorate the Area

Once you have staff who are well trained, the next step to take is making sure that the area is decorated to a high standard too. The main thing to take care of when decorating your office is that it looks bright and vibrant, as the last thing you want is to give off a gloomy impression about the business. All the items of office furniture you have in the office will be important too, so it is important that these are up-to-date and not worn out.

Ensure Your Visitors Don’t Get Bored

Most receptions have a small waiting area where visitors take a seat whilst they are coming to see someone. Therefore, you will want to make sure there is something for them to do when they are sat down waiting. The most common and convenient choice can be to have some magazines for guests to read, another good option is to have a TV on the wall for them to watch. However, with modern technology being so popular, most guests would find it useful if there was a guest Wi-Fi that they could log in to so that they can browse the internet from their laptop or tablet.