A hardwood that is a native to Australia, blackbutt timber is usually used for exterior or interior applications in the building trade. The wood is also used to manufacture plywood. Blackbutt also goes by the name of pink blackbutt and coastal blackbutt. The wood is normally available in such areas as southern Queensland or New South Wales (NSW) in Australia.

The name, “blackbutt,” refers to the tree’s appearance after bushfires. After a fire, the butt or buttress of the tree, appear much darker. The coastal reference is to distinguish the tree from tableland trees. Because of its adaptability and rapid growth, blackbutt is considered an excellent plantation timber.

How the Wood Looks

The heartwood of blackbutt exhibits golden-yellow hues, although it sometimes takes on a pink cast. The sapwood of the tree is paler in looks and not always easy to see. The wood, which has an even texture and frequently straight grain, is preferred for a number of interior building uses, especially flooring.

Therefore, blackbutt flooring in Perth is often favoured in new home constructions or refurbishments. The wood can be polished and stained, giving the material an impressive and striking appearance. Because blackbutt is a fire-resistant wood, it is just one of seven hardwood species that is suitable for use in bushfire areas, though, in order for the wood to be used, it must display a thickness of over 18mm.

A Natural Enhancement

Besides flooring, blackbutt is also used for framework, poles, and decking. In addition, the wood is used for joinery, furniture, and landscaping. When used for flooring, blackbutt offers ruggedness, adaptability, and versatility. Whether you place the floor amongst traditional, rustic, or contemporary décor, it always enhances the appearance of a living space.

Because bushfires are happening more frequently as the result of global warming, using timber, such as blackbutt, for the framework and flooring of a home is imperative. Therefore, designing a product to resist bushfire damage requires minimising the chance of flame, radiant heat, and ember damage. By making a selection of blackbutt for floors and other installations, an Australian homeowner can improve the looks of their property as well as reduce liability.

Three Major Species

Blackbutt comes in three major varieties. These varieties include blackbutt, New England blackbutt (an Australian hardwood from the tablelands of Queensland and NSW), and Western Australian blackbutt.

New England blackbutt wood is mainly used for general construction whilst Western Australian blackbutt, which originates from the forest areas of the southwest section of Western Australia, is used for flooring, panelling, and general construction. Western Australian blackbutt, which is also called yarri, is lighter in appearance than regular blackbutt. The wood, which features a medium-to-coarse feel and interlocked type grain, may present pinholes that are normally sanded or polished during the finishing process.

If you are seeking to install a first-class floor that is able to stand up against fire, check out the advantages of adding a blackbutt floor to your new home or home improvement project.