As you progress in your college education, the writing assignments also become more complex. The increase in complexity is meant to help you fine-tune your writing as well as critical thinking skills. One complex type of essay that most college students will encounter is an essay based on an article and a film. The purpose of the essay is to assess how well you can synthesize information from two sources, while ensuring you stick to one topic rather than summarizing the information obtained from the sources. The following are some tips that can aid you in writing this type of essay.

  • Understand your topic

You need to understand the topic provided before you can begin writing the essay. The contents of your paper need to stay within the parameters of the topic, in order for them to be deemed relevant. A thesis statement can help you define the topic, its parameters, as well as your opinion on the subject. The thesis presents to the reader the argument you are making and that you will be elaborating in the paper. You should ensure that your thesis statement forms the foundation of the paper, so that you are not lured into going off-topic.

  • Gather the relevant information from the film and the article

While reading your essay, your professor will be assessing whether you actually read the article and watched the film. Thus, you need to review both types of media, and source out important content that you can use in your paper. If the instructions require you to summarize both works, then devote the main body of your paper to doing just that in coherent and succinct paragraphs. However, if the instructions require you to make an analysis or an argument, then you need to summarize the facts in both works that pertain to your line of argument.

  • Define your argument

Now that you have summarized the facts relevant to the paper, you need to develop your argument. You can incorporate information from other sources, if the paper instructions give you the flexibility to do so. In addition, you should point to examples in the article and film that offer support for your argument. Your argument should be debatable in order to further intrigue your readers. Anticipate that the reader may have objections to your argument, and come up with credible reasons and facts to demonstrate why these objections do not have merit.

  • Credit your sources

You need to credit all the sources you have used within your essay. At the very least, your professor will expect to see the film and the book on your references’ page. Ensure that any additional sources you have used are represented in the reference page. All your references should be cited in the citation style that your professor has stated. In addition, provide in-text citations in the body of your paper in order to enhance the credibility of your paper.

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