Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein recently had a revamp within the show once a serious leap that turned the story by an enormous twist. The leap brought a replacement structure with new actors and track line. Ishita’s first love Mani arrived in her life. it absolutely was shown that Mani saved Ishita’s life once she committed suicide. Mani met with Associate in Nursing accident and lost quality whereas saving Ishita. Since then, Ishita and Mani became every other’s support and living on friendly terms. Ishita and Mani raised Mani’s kinsman and kinswoman of these years, that completed their short family.On the opposite hand, Raman has been staying as Associate in Nursing enraged person, feeling guilty of agitative his married person to kill. Shagun has preoccupied the duties of raising Raman and Ishita’s girl Pihu, whom Shagun gave birth. Shagun turned terribly positive and is altruistically being Raman’s support. Shagun left Manoj to try to to her motherly duty towards Pihu. The love pairings stony-broke up and post leap its all totally different pairings to visualize.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Main Characters:


Ruhaan is that the Australia’s singing teen sensation. Ruhaan the rockstar is favored by several fans. None is aware of concerning Ruhaan’s personal life. Ruhaan is unbroken away and is at bay by Raman’s enemy Niddhi. Ruhaan is truly Ruhi, United Nations agency was kidnaped by Niddhi. Niddhi gave a replacement identity to Ruhi, and conferred her as a male adolescent so nobody doubts on Ruhaan. whereas Ruhi is believed dead by the family, Ruhaan holds hate for Raman and Ishita. Ruhaan stays removed from oldsters, however still Raman and Ishita feel some reference to Ruhaan.


Pihu appearance almost like Ruhi and has similar behavior. Pihu is full on drama queen. She finds drama and amusement in life’s each state of affairs. She is endure fan of saas-bahu serials and keeps family on toes forever. Pihu is that the just one United Nations agency is most hooked up to Raman. As Pihu resembles Ruhi, Raman loves her and forever agrees to her desires. Pihu gets to grasp Ishita. she’s going to play huge role in uniting her oldsters.


Mani as nicknamed by Ishita as her succor Abhimanyu. He has been staying with Ishita since the last seven years. Mani started falling for Ishita seeing her humbleness. Mani has been supporting her once giving her a replacement life. Mani realizes Ishita’s sorrow and tries to stay her happy. They each run an honest family and business along. Mani desires to require his regard to next step, and waits for right time for Ishita to simply accept him. Mani and Ishita raise Mani’s sister’s youngsters with abundant love. all of them build a cute family along.


Aaliya is Mani’s kinswoman. She calls him Appa and regards him quite her father. Aaliya may be a sweet nature, sensible hearted and jolly woman. She gets the duty to figure as Ruhaan’s assistant. She desires to assist Ruhaan and save him from bearing the tortures from his therefore known as mother Niddhi. Aaliya conjointly desires Mani and Ishita to marry and unite. She desires to finish her family before long.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Cast:

Karan Patel are playing the role as Raman Bhalla
Divyanka Tripathi are playing the role as Dr. Ishita Raman Bhalla
Anita Hassanandani Reddy are playing the role as Shagun Arora
Ruhanika Dhawan are playing the role as Pihu
Aditi Bhatia are playing the role as Ruhi/ Ruhaan
Abhishek Verma are playing the role as Aditya
Sumeet Sachdev are playing the role as Abhimanyu Raghav/Mani
Sangram Singh are playing the role as Ashok Khanna
Avantika Hundal are playing the role as Mihika Iyer
Raj Singh Arora are playing the role as Mihir Arora
Ali Goni are playing the role as Romi
Pavitra Punia are playing the role as Nidhi Chhabra

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